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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Radio Silence | On the Inside | Stitching | Louis Gardino

Radio Silence | On the Inside | Stitching | Louis Gardino

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plot carrot
I need to do something about these long silences. That said, yesterday was spent in bed and then vegging out with Hard Core Logo. I wrote notes. Not looking as not sure how much sense I was making at the time.

I took my stitching into "work" for show and tell then left it there. *cries* I don't know what to do with myself, I really don't.

I tried writing, but I seem to have my grammar-poking brain on, not the writing one. So instead of writing hot romance, I was trying to work out what my inner Stella had been trying to say.

Yesterday's Moment of Clarity:
Stella's tattoo doesn't just signify her never being lost but what she is to Vecchio. She is an (astronomical) constant and possessed of "the music of the spheres" and more than in tune with Vecchio

People who've met my writing processes will know that I meta and write at the same time. It is - I am told - rather disconcerting. But it doesn't half help work out what is actually going on. Unfortunately, write now (sic!) my writing powers are somewhat out of synch. the_dosk says there should be an extract of writing mojo, it will taste like carrots to attract the plot bunnies.

Then I went and played with photoshop. To put it mildly, I don't think the cover I made for Episodic Romance at the time of publication is particularly good. I might have something a bit better. Can somebody please find me a decent-ish picture of Louis Gardino?

On the personal vanity side of things. I ♥ my website stats. I really do. The spike since I got Episodic back up is really awesome.

(dear lj posting interface, stop fritzing on me!)

  • :: * forehead smooch for Bs* ::
    • Hey. I need to call you sometime. Dad suggested tonight, but I am not feeling spectacular and you'd just get work griping and ohgodpartyofseventhgraders... (tomorrow)

      I think I should do some mosaic research.


      • I might be able to get a quick one off to you tomorrow morning (meaing your early afternoon). I am working like a working thing this week.

        And I have flu - cry for me, Rachel.
        • *pets joe*

          Well, here I am probably working to 5pm (-6 = 1pm ontario, I hope)

          • That's about right - have Ishown you the T Shirt design that will be available in August?

            I haven't?

            Here it is:


            • No you haven't.

              Grinning here.

              It's a great drawing.

              • That's my buddy Matt Mozgiel's work. Matt's a professional animator and design guy for a company producing television cartoons for international distribution.

                You would be interested to know that Matt is also the key inspiration for my narrator in my pulp thingie for NaNoWriMo last year. When I hear him, it's Matt's voice I hear and when I describe him, it's Matt who's described.

                • I can really believe that. the_dosk is one for animation sketches and other behind-the-scenes stuff. (Currently, he is building a better more scalable dalek, which is pretty incredible)

                  That's very interesting. (You got Patrick the chaperone in my last big thing and nobody yet in the current one - the one I started at nanowrimo and I will be happy if I get a second draft by xmas) I'm not sure voices as such come to me, but that might be because I met a much-changed teacher from primary and didn't recognise his voice in the least.

                  I tired calling about 15 minutes ago. It is 21:15 here

                  • Can you take a call tomorrow - I suspect I will be home in bed all day with LA GRIPPE.

                    I almost typed La Gripe (but I always have those).

                    My facebook status line currently reads "Joe Kilmartin feels like his lower intestinal tract is melting - it's not as pleasant as it sounds. Have a nice day."

                    I will give it a go tomorrow, if that sounds copasetic.
  • Oh, and by the way...

    A usable icon for those "You said whaaaaaaaat?" moments:

    • Re: Oh, and by the way...

      Marvel Girl, you're going to have to learn not to do that.

      The joys of being psychic.
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