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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Disney finally finds his shorts, much to the relief of mothers everywhere

Disney finally finds his shorts, much to the relief of mothers everywhere

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plot carrot
Forensic accounting. Don't even mention forensic accounting...

/marvin the paranoid android

Not feeling too chipper today, "work" sucked dingoes' kidnies.

Computing for the Inept on Saturday ended in a migraine of acute ouch. And my head does not feel much better right now.

Sunday, though, Sunday was great. Mummyfrog scored us free tickets to a preview of Wall.E (or however you are meant to type it) and it was made of awesome. Yes, it's a game of two halves, going from a cast of three with an almost silent movie intensity to a glactic adventure. Not for fans of Wal*Mart, though. I loved the bits about BNL *cough*[enter your own massive supermarket entity here]*cough* especially everything in the White House. The whole movie is an amazing blend between realism and cartoonier elements. I'm trying not to spoil anybody now, but I spent the end going "whibble" (considering the amount of famial mocking I got before the film about my tendency to cry, that was pretty modest).

Secondly, there are no trailers* in front of this film - okay, one slightly incomprehensible advert - because there is a wonderful short (bbd claims best part) about a magician, his bunny and a carrot. If you don't smile once, you're a pod person.

And this also was made of glee, and buzzy saw it was good.

More than worthy of squee.

the_dosk, who makes it his business to know such things, says Disney have finally realised that shorts are important. Yes. A sentence like "proving ground for new animators" probably features, but the key to me is shorts = good. Dosk says that they are going to - OMG! - make some more Goofy shorts, you know, the ones where he demonstrates how to use your camera (apparently, it's a sound system now, but *squee*).

After free cinema, bafflement at cinema drinks (multiplex not fleapit) and the cheap price of extra calories (yes, I am still trying to lose weight and be virtuous), and a restaurant with a serious laminate floor problem... we headed over to Canterbury to try and get the male of the species some new shoes. It didn't work well, but somehow subways (underpasses) breed fannish thoughts:
  • Ray K struggling with a condom packet, it's doing that thing, you know where the plastic doesn't tear as much as stretch and Ray knows you're not meant to do it with your teeth, but...

    On reflection, that probably belongs on On the Inside, as part of my quest for bad(ish) sex, or at least, not slash perfect sex
  • Kowalski looking at footprints: You know, Fraser, people just don't walk like that</ul>

    Uh, that might be it for the moment, have fun, folks.

    Has anyone recieved a mysterious book lately? *goes check*

    *In a slightly-mythic British sense of a film about your local - say_ BNL dealer done with a Super 8 camera and wobbly captions and the same advert for CoCoPops that you have seen ever since you were allowed into a room with a big screen and walls covered in moth-eaten velvet-stuff with black and white photographs in gold frames of "screen legends" almost entirely unidentifiable.
    • So far everyone on my flist who has seen Wall-E has loved it. Maybe I should take the hint and go see it myself. *g*

      Has anyone recieved a mysterious book lately? *goes check*

      Me! Thank you so much. S&H are made of slashy win! ♥
      • Go! It's smart and funny and I had a great time. It looks briliant and there are some great satirical bits. And the space-ark captain? Is made of win. *grins* He shouldn't be so cute!

        (and stay for the credits, there is some lovely art)

        Me! Thank you so much. S&H are made of slashy win! ♥
    • I adored Wall.E - of course I spent the last six months fangasming over the trailers as they were released, so big surprise. Husband was annoyed at the short reel with the magician because he's a 'cut to chase' kind of guy but by the end, he was howling along with me. It was inspired, and yeah, I'm a sucker for the short reels too.

      Tellingly, I enjoyed the first half of Wall.E more than the second, but it was a fun, wonderful romp over all. I'll definitely be getting that on DVD as soon as I get a new job. *groans*

      Somehow the image of Kowalski fighting with a condom wrapper really makes me smile. In a naughty, evil kind of way. Because that's what I do.

      • I really enjoyed both halves.

        Kowalski vs condom wrapper. Well, yeah. If it didn't, I'd be worried. I just think it's very amusing. I should stick it in On the Inside, when I get through my incredibly huge rewrite (very re; huge changes, really HUGE changes)(not Hugh changes, though, I am trying to keep canon with the show this time, unlike Episodic, in which Jack is a Hugh Dillon-a-like) as I was kind of aiming towards best bad sex. Does that make sense?
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