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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

back from interview

back from interview

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hugh house
Back from interview. Not one of my best but - thankfully - not one of my worst either. Seemed to be five interviewees, so I read that as a 20% chance.

That said, they are clearly asking for maximum output with minimum input (in particular, financially). About all I can say in public there.

A question for the tech-geeks:

Vista premium + firefox 3.0 = any problems?

Am not using either right now, and not touching Vista in the foreseeable future. This is for bbd's bff.
  • As far as I know
    VISTA - always a problem!
    (="Virus Inside - Switch To Apple." :-) )

    My firefox 3 on PC doesn't like the 'yahoo easy upoload tool' - which I don't use :) Otherwise, it's fine.
  • Random crashing!
  • It sounds like the interview went okay - good luck with it.

    In my experience, the way I personally feel interviews went is always more pessimistic than reality - the job I currently have I didn't think I did well in the second interview at all. I suspect you've done better than you think too.
  • Fingers crossed for the interview result.
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