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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's a meme!

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's a meme!

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hugh house

My journal is called Tell me again, why do I need one of these things? Or words to that effect. Why? Because it's ironic, because I wasn't really sure why I needed one of these things, because I only got one to post on the Northstar communities speedsicle and twin_one, because this is one of those pointless activites that does not contribute to my sum achievements for the day... The last one can quite possibly tell you a lot about my parents' attitude (especially my mother's) and since we all grow into them, why the heck should I not save some time on that front? BTW was toying with renaming it Insect, interrupted after the whole quit college for the rest of the year fiasco. I have a gift for snappy titles and captions.

My subtitle is Little-b's b-log. This is because I like puns and other linguistic shananigans. Hence also B-cave and my ff.net page is the B-iography. shadowkitty thinks it should be B-ography but I think that's complicating matters.

My friends page was at on point just called Evil Twins after my evil twin, shadowkitty then I accumalated more friends and in a slightly Enchanted Forest Chronicles mood it changed to its current form evil twins, doeppelgaengers, long lost heirs, hangers-on and fallers-off. The spelling of doppelgaengers has nothing to do with my attocious spelling and everything to do with my translitteration of the umlaut into English, however it is in totally the wrong place, it should be doeppelgangers. *sigh*

My username isbuzzylittleb because I once sent an email to my father saying I was a busy little b. This got disputed somewhat. It's busy that causes the problems. Anyway busylittleb was taken when I signed up for Yahoo so I chose buzzy instead it being a semi homophone. Actually it suits me better, getting in that sense of slightly too hyper to be productively busy.

My default userpic is Purple Girl from Alpha Flight, because she is the ultimate Northstar fan (ie. his biggest fan, not a fan of Ultimate!Northstar, but I'm sure if she knew of him she would be) and that's where I started with the LJ thing. She's not going to change any time soon, but I may give her a caption. *Starts dreaming of a paid account, where I can have an icon rampage, but it turns into a nightmare when my parents find out*

My LJ "name" islittle-b because that's what I post on ff.net under and my forum username (see, I use it on GAFF zum beispiel) and I like to see the two together in the hope that people might associate the twain. I admit it, it took me six months to get round to changing it from buzzylittleb
See, a meme that was an enlightening but not depressing look into the psychology of the insect.
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