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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Five Minute Thought

Five Minute Thought

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hcl: joenbilly
What you get with my hiding out with last night's migraine.

I guess I need to spoiler cut for the end of HCL.

What if when Joe goes "salut! salut!" and shoots himself, he is actually going to wake up in a Life on Mars imperfect past? And does it "reframe" the time travel sequence? Has Joe learnt it from Billy or is it a game gone wrong?

(I admit I wanted to do a "Slaughter House 5" on Billy for a while, it was just near impossible to execute.)

Hey, there you go five minutes of thought.

If I ever finish "On the Inside", the next putative project (aka the massively six degrees project) will feature Joe in the afterworld with Bob Fraser and Dexter Lexcanon*. He "wakes up" drowning in the waters of the Lethe. Cute, huh?

*he's from Buried on Sunday, The Paul Gross movie I was talking about a few footnotes around. He is a manipulative person playing a zero-sum game.
  • psst, you might want to cut this a little better, just in case. It's easy to guess what you mean, even with your cut. :) Though I am guessing most of your flist has seen this a zillion times like me. *g*
    • Yes, it probably would be better with some more cuts.

      What does that make the "time travel" bar segment?
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