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Dr Horrible is still wonderful, but clearly everyone on the street is sending emails with attachments of cat pictures. It is very stuttery. I assume the deadline is midnight USA time (or some timezone with a bit of America in it), it's just I have a lot to squish in today.

Am wearing new skirt. I might be looking fetching, but am annoyed to find out that as I have a really short trunk to match my seriously short everything else that I just look really bad with a shirt tucked into my big skirt, which tragic as that was the look the mental me can pull off istead of getting mental me's mother telling mental me that it really does not look like I have a waist at all and the mental mirror backing her up. :-(

I should have got on with the writtery stuff instead of getting all gussied up as now I am flatter than a flat thing instead of understanding Ray Vecchio and his feelings re: Stella and Irene and that Tony (his brother-in-law) bought him a Harley Davison cigarette lighter for Christmas.
Tags: clothes, dr horrible, less than three, on the inside i'm a poet

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