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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

where the hell is the remote control

where the hell is the remote control

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welsh: headdesk
Still feeling incredibly rough on the brain front. Delicate, even.

As yesterday, I stuck it out early on (and visited my grandmother, who is doing better) but it came crashing in about 11 ish. Again.

Probably the same one as yesterday and no second dose of triptan in 24 hours. Fun.

I've got some stitching done and I definitely no longer have a sleep defecit (I think I've made it over 10hrs snoozing diurnally over two days).

Oh, and sam80853 sent me a moose postcard all the way from the "great but not white north". This is made of win and made my day much better.
  • NOt having a sleep deficit is a state of being I want to reach as well - somewhere in time!
    I never seem to manage to get there. However, diurnal snoozing can also be nice (if you don't have to fight with an aching brain. Whish you better!). On sunday, my body decided that it could make its way to the living room where cleaning duties were waiting for me. It let me proceed as far as my bed and then knocked me out. Bye, bye, Sunday afternoon. Still, that was nearly as good as chocolate!
    How are you today? I hope that your good morning feeling now sticks around a bit longer!
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