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Finally, a nearly decent day.

Computing for the Inept was improved by some actual Inept (even if their problems were not terribly inept at all). Finally finished Eyre Affair and am nearly at the end of Never the Bride by Paul Magrs*. It is good silly fun and I want more of Robert the gay pixie.

Am seeing Doctor on Tuesday, am worried re: weight loss and everything else.

Am fixtating on chocolate here.

Feel I should be doing something re: On the Inside, but currently feel very tired.

That's one of those things; this week has been a distinctly bad patch and now I've finally come out from under the clouds and I am knackered. It's just as frustrating as not doing stuff because of head, if not even more so, because I can do, I just want to sleep a lot. (As if I haven't slept a lot all this week).

In short: :-(

*not one of his porntastic slashy ones, he has his other hat on in this one. So sadly Robert the gay pixie has not been molested by disembodied hands. The whole thing is pretty gen and pg13, but a lot of fun especially if you like Hammer Horror and the Avengers (or anything of that ilk).
Tags: book recommendations, headaches, ineptitude

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