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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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hugh house
Finally, a nearly decent day.

Computing for the Inept was improved by some actual Inept (even if their problems were not terribly inept at all). Finally finished Eyre Affair and am nearly at the end of Never the Bride by Paul Magrs*. It is good silly fun and I want more of Robert the gay pixie.

Am seeing Doctor on Tuesday, am worried re: weight loss and everything else.

Am fixtating on chocolate here.

Feel I should be doing something re: On the Inside, but currently feel very tired.

That's one of those things; this week has been a distinctly bad patch and now I've finally come out from under the clouds and I am knackered. It's just as frustrating as not doing stuff because of head, if not even more so, because I can do, I just want to sleep a lot. (As if I haven't slept a lot all this week).

In short: :-(

*not one of his porntastic slashy ones, he has his other hat on in this one. So sadly Robert the gay pixie has not been molested by disembodied hands. The whole thing is pretty gen and pg13, but a lot of fun especially if you like Hammer Horror and the Avengers (or anything of that ilk).

  • I have to read some Paul Magrs.

    I also heartily recommend WORLD WAR Z - which is Max Brooks' "verbal history" of a Romero-esque zombie plague across the planet. Amazing character stuff and a concrete narrative that comes entirely from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-ish characters watching the violence from the side-lines.

    (I am busting to tell you about some VERY GOOD NEWSTM. involving something I've just been invited to do but I am afraid of "jinxing" it and can
    t say much for 10 days - you will find out for sure).
    • Hell, I'll try and put together some recs for you. Some of them fall rather flat for me, but some of them are grade-A awesome and I feel you are the kind of guy to like magical-realism whimsical (in places) stories with weird pop-cultural bits. This is a really bad description. Sorry. Marked for Life was the book that turned me onto slash. It is REALLY GOOD. Otherwise, I need to check my bookshelves. There's a children's book (illustrated in a Quentin Blake-ish style) called Hands Up! which is just a crazed homage to television puppets (lord knows what kind of contemporary child can get all the references). Never the Bride lives in the weird "crossover" fantasy thing we have going at the moment.

      Honestly, I have much much more to say on that topic, I just need to collect myself a little.

      World War Z sounds good, which means I should hunt it down at the library. It also sounds very interesting. Chuck Pallahnuik did a "verbal history" book I finished recently-ish; it had the usual flaw that all his characters sound like all his other characters eventually and there was some serious wtf-ery with regard the plot and strange developments which remained undeveloped and a bit like an appendix.

      (I am very excited about the VERY GOOD NEWS and am keeping my fingers crossed. You are doing better than me on that front, but I just need to keep going until my luck turns. If you saw my rant re: last interview you might be able to figure things out. As always, I look forward to hearing from you and love phonecalls - I've been trying for the last week or so, can I check your number? Now I have a film announcer going TEN DAYS... YOU ARE TEN DAYS AWAY FROM THE BIGGEST CINEMA EVENT OF ALL TIME... NOTHING LIKE THIS HAS BEEN SEEN BEFORE... SEE IT ALL IN THE LATEST CREATURE FEATURE)(I saw a documentary about a guy who did poster design for that kind of movie, I just can't remember who he was. It was very interesting even if I am terribly vague about it)
      • I haven't been home from the 13th to the 23rd, hun.. that might have been part of it.

        Things have been all a tizzy as far as time is concerned because of VERY GOOD NEWSTM thing - it is really about riding out the bad luck, Dear Young Miss.

        That being said, did you see my ranty-bit about the whole Dr Steel/Dr Horrible brou-ha-ha?(it goes on for the rest of that thread)

        I'll summarise for you: if Joss Whedon came up with a "new" concept of a benificent alien who rode in a time machine with young human companions and called it DOCTOR WHAT, all of the Buffy and Angel fans would still be telling BBC veterans that there was "no similarity" and "Joss' was better anyway". The fact that there was an existing property that had been available free for years and years would be slogged off as being "interesting" and Joss and his writers say that they had no knowledge of it and would say that they didn't mind that the pre-existing property existed. And they then would ask the complaining people to be quiet because it was liable to hurt their DVD sales.

        See how smug that is?

        • That could be a very big part of it. I've always been here, in the Village.

          Keep Moving Forward (I feel kind of embarassed to have taken on the motto from a flipping Disney movie, but it works). I just had something that looked ideal and turned out to be... all dead maggotty bride and crypt keeper.

          I'd pretty much enjoyed that.

          I always try to believe the best of people's motives. I really do believe in human nature etc. That's in a positive sense (mostly). I don't like it when I am disappointed and I really believe that if we... uh... (I don't really have words and this is probably very fucking naive) the world could be a better place.

          If it's the fans, I am not terribly surprised. Due South is the nice end of the pool, just think what would have happened if there was some bespeckled kid with brown hair and a wand... Has Joss said anything? Actually, I'm not sure I want to know.

          [uh, sorry, that was kind of jumbled]
  • Oh, is Eyre Affair good? Someone lent it to me, but I haven't worked up an interest yet.
    • It's not my favourite Fforde (That's "The Big Over Easy") and I can put a lot of that down to the whole first novel thing. That said, it is smart, sassy and I think you will love Uncle Mycroft's genengineered bookworms, who feed on superfluous ap'strophes.

      It probably helps if the only Bronte you've read is not Wuthering Heights. (A-Level. A book where they should have known when to stop)
      • I was really into Jane Eyre as a kid, but I didn't like Wuthering Heights at all. Does that help?
        • Yes.

          It might be what I am missing.

          If you liked the Eyre, doubleplusgood. If you had feelings about the ending doubleplusdoubleplusgood.

          It's a pretty good parallel world, with all sort of weird little things (like the Crimea turned into our WW1 in terms of death and carnage) and Thursday is pretty engaging even when she is confused.
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