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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

gah! (Papajoemambo is awesome) more headache-related gah!

gah! (Papajoemambo is awesome) more headache-related gah!

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hugh house
Every time I blog lately, it has been about my headaches. Last week was the worst for a long time. Then there's this week.

Yesterday, I got a headache that scored nine on the Richter scale. And spent the day mostly asleep on the couch.

(the only good thing about yesterday was talking to the ever-incredible papajoemambo for a couple of hours. Telephones are awesome, Joe is the awesomest!)

Today was not much better, maybe an eight and everything is too loud, too bright, too everything.

So, no playing with archaeologists today. But the Doctor says I've lost 5 pounds! \o/ Just need to keep going. It might not be as fast as some diets, but I am changing my eating habits etc not just restricting things. Also, porridge rocks.

Something of less rock. Got letter from brane doctor yesterday. It suggested new drug regieme and some etc. Okay, this letter came in the post less than two weeks before my appointment (which is hopefully not going to get cancelled again). And it came yesterday. Which is strange since the letter is dated in March. How can you lose a letter for four months?

Anywhichways, not really up and about internets-wise, even if I just had a little hello to my f-list. So, please tell me if anything cool is happening out there in the world of fandom.

Also; can I just reiterate, recs make me happy

  • I yam humbled at your outpourings...
  • I've had a headache for the past week or so, so I guess we're not sharing the headache anymore. It has sprouted another body, a la Ash in Evil Dead... 3?

    *sends magical painkilling cake*
    • I would give that possibility serious credence. I'm still not on an even keel and this worries me. (And not just because there is a local regatta on Saturday)

      *eats cake*
  • Yay pounds!!

    (Share plan with class??)

    • It's incredibly boring. Uh, mostly "sensible eating".

      Porridge has no added sugar in it, keeps you full until lunch, and is packed with slow-burn carbohydrates.

      All that stuff they always tell you about long-term weight loss and the surprising finding of my will power (not something I normally have, but think it was the talk from my GP that might have done it, also the firm desire to get as far away from blood glucose tests as possible) with regards to sweets and snacks.

      So uh, low sugar (but some treats), not eating mummyfrog's massive portions, feeding left overs to the little brother, more fruit and veg...

      Told you it was boring.
  • Also, *Shoots calming and at same time somewhat Toppy look at B's brain.*

    Now, look, brane. Really. I think you could manage some better cooperation, yes? What do you -need?- We can't give you what you need if you don't -tell- us....
    • *brane laughs like an evil terrorist in the Sentinel*

      Oh dear!

      (toppy looks well appreciated by hormones)
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