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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

now you see me...

now you see me...

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hugh house
*emerges from huge pile of job applications*

(which, frustratingly, is not as bad as the headache this weekend)

Quick post about On the Inside.

"Inner Songs"

Mark's song is sung semi-coherently to Hockey Night in Canada.

(that is Mark Smithbauer, Fraser's squeeze and top ranking hockey player, for reasons not to be explored at this juncture, the Smithbauers stayed in the frozen north. It is a pretty amazing reason. And I love it. Only no writing lately and I really need to catch up on the Stella/Vecchio material... *rattles on*)

Not sure when this thing developed a soundtrack, possibly when I started heading chapters, but it was fundamentally musical before that.

Tonight there are no stars - headstones

Also; get me a Numb3rs fan and ask Charlie's mother's name and what the music she wrote that turned up in (assumedly infinite) basement was called.

Had many great things to show and tell, now can't remember them. Headaches frustrating and "the snowflakes are stopping my thoughts" (or "possibly milkfloats rob [my] mind..."). It's just limitating and stops me from having a good time / writing. And when I feel vaguely decent I most often am nackered, which is stupid because there is so much stuff out there and I just can't get to it.

Posting in this vein will not help filling in "why you should employ me!" section. Signing off.
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    • Don't worry. Just poke me in the vague direction of some fannish numb3rs folks if you know where they hang.

      I am a casual viewer and I just wanted to make an on-the-fly comment about it. It's a universe in which Ray Vecchio was a piano prodigy and Numb3rs are kind of west coast...

      (uh, this is what I like doing, stupid smart comments well hidden and of no consequence)

      Pop started to clear out Mom's things becuase two sons breathing down his neck. Charlie rooted around and found music and then realised that a) his mother was piano goddess b) she gave it up after marriage and given birth to math progidy and c) she was still producing music in secret.
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