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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Quick HCL rec: Never Did Find My Way Back | Employment | Hugh

Quick HCL rec: Never Did Find My Way Back | Employment | Hugh

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hcl: joenbilly
(still working on "why you should employ me..." with no honest answers*)

Never Did Find My Way Back by swear_jar
HCL, NC-17 Joe/Billy

I'm still short of a recommendation that isn't *waves hands excitedly*, so, What I Said
Oh God! Great characterisation and fantastic atmosphere. I could see Billy right there and you have everything that the camera loves about Billy and what a beautiful bastard he is. I don't quote have the words to express it. Almost a religious experience.

*Other people have no trouble doing this, I do. I like [blanks] as workplaces, I can do [blank] really well and you should pay me money to [blank] it.

I still have the answer that got me the [blank] interview of infamy (no resources with which to [blank] with and bloody minded attitude of [management types] who refuse to acknowledge importance of [blank] or that [blank] will get them in the ass and that I considered sending them mutilated objects of [blank] to demonstrate their stupid self-defeating attitude and that are screwing over the [individuals] who are the [end users] of this pile of crap.


(Ooh... Won't Wait Again, you sound like such a sensitive teenage delinquent cowboy, Hugh)
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