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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hello! Still alive, even after Brane's efforts. Cuckoo quotient…

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vecchio: hurty

Still alive, even after Brane's efforts.

Cuckoo quotient down. (Yes, it makes very little sense. Sorry)

I am having a burst of creativity on the writing front. I just need to check some factoids (which does not mean "small facts" as "facts liable to be untrue") because Chuck Palahnuik does not count as a reliable body of facts.

So. Wikipedia, I think! :-P

SO. Tell me, what have I missed? Have all the fangirls gone on their scheduled migration?

I'm sure I had more important things to say.

(Uh, like, trying to find out which dS fic had a Ray of uncertain provenance finding out that the other Ray or perhaps his former self was the go-to-guy for queers with - uh - problems)
  • 1) Must pimp this.

    2) Someone is trying to make me write Iron Man fic.
    • 1) eeep!

      2) trying to write now, have to escape the black hole of Calcutta livejournal and check out my details on the subject of dead composers and stop hiding from On the Inside and embrace my inner Vecchio.


      Chuck Palahnuik: or how I learnt to stop worrying and love the Vecchio.
  • Damn it, I JUST read that fic TODAY...what the hell. Ray arrests a kid then gets all guilty about it, sends word via Sandor that "Kowalski says see Vecchio at the 2-7"...SEE?? ? SEE???? I just READ IT TODAY.

    At work. I have NO idea how I tracked to that story in the first place, but tomorrow I can check the history cache and track it down, if you have not found it by then.

    As for the rest, fear not, I've been aestivating
    so if anything truly important happened, I missed it too!
    • eeeeeeeeeee! You just read it? *anticipates*

      Now that was something I never knew about, it sounds like a good way to express vegetating (especially with headaches).

      It seems the fangirl group mind is in Toronto and very excitable.
      • Yes, I am an estivator, which (alas) puts me more in the habits of the Madagascan fat-tailed dwarf lemur than the HIBERNATING glory of a grizzly bear...sighhhh...(if THAT isn't some kind of meta plot bunny, nothing is)

        ANYWAY: Fic! Un-American, as promised! <3

        • When I was little I had a book called "Wake Up Bear! It's Christmas!" so my bears tend to be bipedal and carry fir trees.

          I knew it was one of the classics! Thankies <3 <3 <3
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