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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Fangirl Army | Pixar | Cookie | Drag | Fraternal Footnote

Fangirl Army | Pixar | Cookie | Drag | Fraternal Footnote

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mort: hi
Greetings to the fangirl army now encamped in Toronto! I hope all you CanCon / RCW / HCL Tribute Night people are having a whale of a time. And I want to hear how the Hard Core Logo gig went last night!

To people who aren't in Toronto also get a big dose of my love ♥ ♥ ♥

My brane keeps on killing me. I need to introduce it to the concept that it is meant to kill somebody else. So yesterday was really really boring. Did nothing except vegitate and watch the Pixar Shorts dvd I picked up at the library (my cover story: the_dosk will like it*), which was great and the stuff was way earlier than you/I could guess from seeing it. Also, that sort of extra adjustable desk light, the brand name is Luxo, what would you americadians call one?

(I ask all the big questions)

Mummyfrog wanted to know if I have ever considered yoga. (Uh, no, I stand on one foot, I fall over.) And the brane decided to eat two chocolate chip cookies (from Markses, 110 calories each), but, thankfully, I can take that as a momentary indulgence. I still seem to be loosing weight. This is good. Though I worry about going too thin to fit into any of my decent skirts. Looked at my "archived" skirts and decided that 9 out of 10 were completely vile. And one dress made me look like a drag artiste. So if you know a very short drag artiste, let me know. Maybe Gloria will know one.

Also, I am very excited re: new Hellboy movie. I just need it to show somewhere near here. (Unlikely)

* For those unfamiliar with the concept, the_dosk finds himself assumed as my twin (or the other way round) even by people who have only met one of us. the_dosk is a god of CGI wizardry and makes his own virtual daleks accurate to something crazy like 1/16 of an inch. Oh, and he liked the Pixar video very much and offered intelligent commentary thereon.

  • Do dry cleaners around you do tailoring? Maybe you could get your nice skirts taken in; cheaper than new, and massively great for ego!
    • Smart idea! I glutted somewhat with cheap skirts from Matalan, which probably aren't worth pro attention but mummyfrog is adjusting the bodice of my big ass hippy dress. If all else fails on the skirt front, I have really big hips that keep most things up.

      You are always full of smart things I never pick up on, you always look at things under a different light and give really smashing advice and insight ♥ ♥ ♥

      Ego isn't doing badly. Fruit in kitchen is diminishing swiftly.

  • That's called a desk lamp, hun.

    The one week that I've come into work and it's felt like I've been running in a huge hamster wheel to keep the lights on, is the one week there's fan stuff going on.

    Tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor.

    • Okay, that's straightforward. I just am amazed by some of the names that seriously change. Also, I try and collect the ocassional brand name to throw in when I need it.

      Most of my writing this week needs pulling as it is too exposition-heavy and breaks the narrative thread too much.

      (I might have told somebody where the shop is. So, sorry if you end up knee deep in Callum Rennie fans. Put them in the wheel.)

      God does not have a sense of humour *ta! ching!*

      • My oft-mentioned and frequently quoted dearly departed Gramma Loretta used to say "The way to make God laugh is to tell Him your plans..."
        • *eeeeeeps!*

          I am now trying to work out how that relates to local town planning. If I go to church, will we get a decent town centre, leisure facilities, and a nice cover building for work? Is that too much?

          Loretta seems pretty wise.

          • The thing is, if He's listening to the meeting that means you'll never get it.

            He's a right joker, The Almighty, is.
  • Also - Yay for weight loss

    I too am losing inches.
  • Lastly- because the 7' tall hamster wheel beckons

    Free Steve Rude NEXUS and MOTH comics online.


    Who loves Buzzys?

  • I would love to see pictures of you doing yoga! yay for losing inches.
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