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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

why don't I have a matching icon?

why don't I have a matching icon?

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hugh house
Hi, this is just a little thing petronelle recced over her journal.

Do the names McGuire, Giffen and DeMatteis make you drool?

Do they compel you to eat Oreos?

Do they make you think of Guy Gardener, all round nice guy?

And do they make you desperate to cry that Maxwell Lord's only bad point was to be a capitalist jerk with an ego the size of Moscow*?


how does gloriously authentic (in a good way) fanart sound?

how does glorious fanart sound with a note-on script sound?

kokiri85 has drawn Superboy applying for a job

*for some reason, the brane is refusing to pronounce Moscow properly. Uh, that's Mos-cowwwwwww. I blame Cities of the Underworld.

  • I miss Rocket Red.

    Like, I REALLY miss Rocket Red.

    "Hallo Comrades - why is Mees Sue sayink dose thinks abot Mex?"
    • I think you do a GREAT Rocket Red! He's actually very sweet. We need more of that in our comics and less angst ridden (soviets killed my family, blew up my brother, and my little sister got turned into a demon-girl and died) Russians. shadowkitty lived with some for two years, they were really nice and quite amusing.

      (shadowkitty was in charge of the dorm bar, which is something like putting a fox in a henhouse, except not quite)

      • Russians are funny ABOUT how miserable they are.

        The Russians I've met in North America have a VERY strong sense of irony.
  • That is really awesome.
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