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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Very impressed with the Olympics. I got seized and dragged away by…

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vecchio: study hard
Very impressed with the Olympics.

I got seized and dragged away by the idea that I can make a birth sampler fast-ish. New cousin, hopefully. Things are little hinky, so fingers crossed.

Uh, that's about it. I need to get on and do something useful.


Maybe bbd will let me work down here.
  • I love the Olympics!
    • It brings about unexpected glee.

      (Perhaps your father can move up from monstering the london marathon? for monstering, see spider jerusalem. it could be a sport all of its own)

      (I have less userpics and i don't care)

      (but why did they boot my hugh dillon arms one? \o/)
      • Perhaps this will cheer you up, not that I usually like vids. Or this, to the same song.

        Also, I started reading DC comics. They are shit.
        • Hello [ why can't I spell Raw shark today?]

          Why are you surprised?
          • Because I like Gail Simone :( but she can't save them. I always complained about the way Marvel spells everything out in every issue, but I never will again! I couldn't follow the bloody thing And I found the art cheesecake-y to the point of offence.
            • *pets*

              i wish I could say something about current comic ness but I can't, and yes, DC are completely baffling. The library has some trades and they are pretty confusing even with an introduction (and one at least padded itself out with bad 90s material of no relevence to the new material (grant morrison stuff, but very pointless). It was not fun.)
              • I downloaded the Bendis issues of Daredevil we were reading at Uni. They make everything better.
                • Yes, yes, yes.

                  Especially all the "julius ceasar" stuff. Smart and thinkity is the way to go.

                  My Canadian friend says the current stuff is pretty neat too.

                  (where is my mountie slayer icon when I want to get ghoulish?)

                  (i need to get the hang of this lark)
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