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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

hailing the mother ship

hailing the mother ship

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hugh house

Okay, yesterday was London, going to get myself another GON (greater occipital nerve injection, basically the back of your head where it meets the neck) and it was a helluva more efficient than my first (where I spent most of the day waiting). Now, they have something more like a production line and three doctors administering and a nurse trying to catch anyone who looks like they might have a headache. Different doctor, hurt less and didn't say anything about Ju-on.

It's looking like what I was told the other week by the lead specialist was right and they have got massively more efficient. Hopefully, that means I will get a letter before Christmas ;-)

My neck is massively sore. Also, had pre-injection Chinese (same place as usual) where we confused the heck out of the waiter and managed to be confused ourselves. For the record, bbd ordered the set meal, I ordered the duck chow mein (with the soup I didn't realise was coming), and bbd does not eat banana fritters.

(Okay, that might have been a little slip off the wagon, but I really ♥ banana fritters and getting to eat bbd's was very nice)

Other than that, have been mostly dead. Still only playing with archaeologists once a week, but this Tues was really good and I got sent out for nil strange errands. I also learnt how to do non-successive page numbers in Word. Watch me and my leet typing skills! I also realised our mock-up publication had two pages the same, which got much admiration from my boss.

My neck is still very sore. I can barely turn my head. Ouch.

Secret message to verushka70, you have my full attention.
  • oooh i love the fried banana fritters with honey and sesame seeds. yum!

    Hope your neck feels better.
    • Here we get them with golden syrup, which is nice and sticky.

      Oh, I really hope, it hurts like heck (not quite as bad as hell and still more palatable than the brane on a bad day). Providing I stay looking forwards, I'll have no trouble. And hopefully this one will work better.
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