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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

hills are alive (and they are eating children)

hills are alive (and they are eating children)

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nm: sapientia
brane wise, I am feeling amazingly good, so the trade off with the neck is totally worth it. I think I need to share that news with the folks.

And the question, so what am I doing on the internet when I should be up on a big hill singing at Nazis?

That is always the down side of good days, the doubt and the "should have pulled together and have achieved every form of shiny before I fall flat on my face" feeling.

(p.s. aunt has had offspring, sampler not finished but good)

[this entry's title comes from the ever awesome bamfchickie]
  • eep...well I guess having a trade off is good I do hope you feel all better soon.
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