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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Ow | birthday | Angst | Last line is a killer

Ow | birthday | Angst | Last line is a killer

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dief: Dief cry
*looks all wobbly like bambi*

Okay, my weekend plummeted to new depths of god awful pain and managed to score a ten on the buzzy-scale. Suffice to say, ouch and please turn the sun out when you leave the room. I cannot describe the crap.

I'm still not so hot today. I got myself [insert euphemism of choice] by Dr Stellonstein and his many needles to try and stop me doing this more often.

Also, I turn [reasonably significant age, I guess] on Wednesday. My previous [significant birthdays] have passed in a blink, yet somehow this one seems to have stuck and likes pointing out depressing things about my accomplishments in the last [x] number of years.

See, I am being sensible, since I don't have my year of birth on my profile anymore! I wins at data security!

It doesn't look like I will get to treat you to some fic on my birthday, like I did last year, which is one heck of a shame. I wish I could get something done, but brane does not want to work and I am fed up and frustrated with it.

I don't know, maybe I could give you guys a chapter of On the Inside. If I find one I am happy with. Yes, I know prepersition, but I am opperating on about five brain cells here and none of them like me.

Needles to say, am fed up with headache, fed up with not achieving anything, especially on the fictive front.

Uh and to improve your day, my sticky note says,

"Then Frannie had an epiphany, Tony was not a lesbian"
  • So sorry you're suffering such brane pain. I know it wears a person down with chronic misery.

    Feel better.
  • You are a lovely B, and one upon whom none should wish their pain

    If youcould see some of the fun-ass stuff I've got lined up as soon as time allows, you would be grining mawkishly through the pain.

    A very happy early birthday to you Ms Rachel, and many mnay huggings and squeezings and mooshings upon you.


    PS: CKR sighting with Bruce last week. Not in the shop but on the block.
    • Re: You are a lovely B, and one upon whom none should wish their pain

      *waves* I had Bob Ross on this morning, I think that counts. Hell, I even noted down his aphorism of the day,

      sometimes you have to go out on a limb, because the end of the branches is where the fruit is.

      P.S. *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!*
  • *cuddles you*
  • (Anonymous)
    Yay for upcoming birthdays but boo for head pain. yuck! You don't have to treat us to fic for your birthday b. *hugs* I'd love reading it but it's don't kill yourself trying to make it happen. Let it come out of you naturally. Sometimes i beat myself up for not producing anything active fan wise for years, but too much has happened. :/
    • hello mystery person,

      the amount of my enforced inactivity is getting me down and I really want to get back into the writing place. I am sorry too much has happened and will warm the bathwater if you want to come back to the fannish pool, as it were.
  • Birthdaaaay! Hi, buzzy! I'm so very sorry about the pain. : ( I hope this next year goes better for you.
  • Happy Birthday! *hugs* Hope you're feeling better soon.
  • {{{HUGS}}} I hope you have a much better year. Pain-free would be really good.
    • {{{{hugs back}}}}

      Pain free would be very good, would settle for a time-share or "flexible working" right now.
  • Have some refreshing images for a happy birthday with lots of headache-free wishes!

  • Happy birthday ... I hope your head feels better soon. :/
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