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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

how you rock | birthday | why dosk rocks | four way junctions

how you rock | birthday | why dosk rocks | four way junctions

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prisoner guh
It's my birthday.

(Okay, I've said it, now put the Gollum-Sme-whatsit voice away. He's the reason why I only read one and a half books of the Lord of the Rings)

What I want to say is that you people can bend reality with your own will via the mechanism of livejournal. The proof is very simple; everyone who answered Monday's post hoped for a better Tuesday on the brane-front. What I got was a day that barely rated a 1 (out of 10) headache-wise and was pretty nifty. I went to "work", did stuff, had career and interview advice from my boss (he has got a request for a reference and I interview on Thursday, panel-style but you can't have everything) and then went swimming for the first time in recent memory. Okay, my leg went twang, but that was me being out of shape.

Secondly, the_dosk rocks more than any other brother in the universe.

I picked up the phone and got happy birthday sung at me even though he had had one of the worse days I could imagine. Resits at doskland university prevent him being home until tomorrow. Doskland U has the most... inept*... exam organisation body in the history of ineptitude. Exam one in room with large mowing machines outside. Exam two in a room where the office next door was full of workmen hitting the radiator with hammers. Exam three, they did not have the wit to reschedule a couple of hours after circumstances left dosk in pretty bad condition with alleviated two and half hours into the exam, which was two and a half hours. Can we get some focused hate on these guys? Fill their cars with weasels?


Also, reading a book review for a detailed examination of how people drive, it turns out that America has still not cottoned on to the roundabout. Number of places you can have an accident on a busy London roundabout: 16. Number of potential accidents at a four-way stop in New Jersey: 56.

Back in the midst of time, well, sixth form, I had a much beloved copy of Travel Without a Tardis (basically a location tour guide for Who fans written in the eighties by two rather dedicated American fans). This is - as I remember - what it had to say about roundabouts:
"Driving along (on the left) you will eventually encounter a road sign that looks like an octopus with some of the legs removed. Do not worry; this is a fantastic British invention called the traffic roundabout and is very simple to understand..."
Seriously, I am not making it sound like h2g2, it genuinely sounded like that. It was a target book (help for people who have not been obsessed with Who pre-new-series; target books are novelizations each less than a centimetre thick and almost all written by Terrence Dicks, they were published by WHAdams and its paperback branch Target - unsurprising, huh - and I probably have about two feet of them. They have a fan-following On Target. Okay, this is a digression on a digression, I think.) So, a) Americans are scary, hell, Five Ways in Dover is scary, I don't want to know what it is like without one-way streets and b) too much information does not exist in the world of tourist guides. They also explain bed-and-breakfast and 80s coinage (back when 5p pieces were a decent size). Clearly this missed some visitors to this sceptred isle as mummyfrog once ended up with some tourists and a big bag of pre-decimal currency some time c2000.

I know there is something else I need to say. I got a birthday phone call from EQ, which was pretty nice, and makes her the second person to sing happy birthday down the phone, although she was more in tune. Not that it would surprise anybody who has met my harpsichord-playing buddy.

Feeling less fantastic today, but for some strange reason I decided that my birthday was an excellent time to deep-clean the kitchen counter. Also, I am sore post-swimming, you can't win everything.

*in spite of my computers for the inept work, I do not use that word at all lightly
  • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy biiiiiiiiiiiirthdaaaaaaaaaaay tooooo yooooooou! No more cleaning, woman--I advise RELAXATION and tending to the brane. *snugs*
    • I have internets, that's the same, right?

      I really enjoy the singing, even when it is my personal not!twin.

      Where are all my grinny icons?
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday!

    And also with the car-full-of-weasels mind waves because, hey: brothers with uni exam resits can be woeful creatures indeed (as I discovered the other weekend)
  • happy birthday insectly one!

    i am an internet FAIL atm but: *GENTLE POUNCE*

    an octopus with some of the legs removed

    but WERE they legs? (tardington excitedly told me that octopus have only SIX legs. apparently two are arms. i want to know, who gets to DECIDE?)
    • Pouncing is good.

      Octopuses are better. Uh, marine biologists?

      Like, huh, I've always wanted a marine biology AU with biologist!Turnbull getting it off with Kowalski the ship captain and ostracised artic waters expert Benton Fraser stumbling into a very bad criminal thing and teaming up with Florida-cop!Vecchio.

      It's a very long in the tooth plot bunny and la la la, I am not listening.

      Can I just say this? Careers Advice and my boss?!

      (it might be vaguely useful, it was just amazing I didn't crack up and kept my serious head on)
    • (no subject) - joandarck - Expand
  • It's your birthday! Happy birthday! ♥


      You know what is very weird? I once sent EQ a birthday card of that picture post-photoshop-monkeying for her birthday. I thinks this is a strange internet phenomenon.

      That all up there means; thank you for the cake.

    But cleaning?!
  • Happy birthday from a not too scary American. Hope this year brings you interesting and pain free things. Glad you had a nice day.
  • (no subject) -
    • The travel book was great, the enthusiasm for heading to strange places (and the occasional quarry) slightly shadows the love of travel and the willingness to cater for spouses without a quarry fetish.
  • Happy Birthday! See this time I said in your actual birthday post...hehe :)
  • I first experienced round-a-bouts in Boston -- me, from the South, we got lots of space. No need to go in circles to get anywhere, we work just fine with straight lines and corners. Getting through that round-a-bout? Yeah, scarier than learning to ski. Really. Whoa.

    Happy birthday! And since LJ effects reality: you feel great! Right NOW! You are in no pain and life is beautiful!


    PS just re-read Three Times Three Angels Falling Slowly From Grace and oh ow you break my soul with the amazingness. *sighhhh* I really should only read that fic once a year or something.
    • Seriously? Hell, we can tell where we are by mentioning a roundabout and the environs. I've never skied, so I think we might just even each other out.

      p.s. I was in love with it for some time and then I started seeing its weaker points. I hope your love for it is transmittable. Also, you are a shiny polishing thing with reg. to my writing ability.
  • Happy birthDAAAAAAAAY! Swimming!

    Exam one in room with large mowing machines outside. Exam two in a room where the office next door was full of workmen hitting the radiator with hammers.

  • Happy (late) Birthday!

    (In my defence, I've thought it was a different day to the real one every day this week so far).

    I hope you got in some more quality relaxing after your kitchen cleaning.
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