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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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vecchio: hurty
Hello, here is my current stitching project. I will be cross-posting to cross_stitch shortly (I hope). I've been doing it quite a while and it is big, crazy big, and that was before the_dosk used his photographic skill.

If you want the details, the chart is Mirabilia, stitched on aida because, while I look forward to it in general, I would rather not have my first evenweave experience on something big enough to hide behind.

Other news? I fluffed another job interview and I am so spaced out I am currently orbiting Saturn.

sleeping beauty half done

  • Nice. I've yet to attempt a Mirabilia. I do own this pattern. One of these days, I'll get to it. *g*

    What count fabric are you using?
    • That's bright and very very pretty.

      I am boring; 14count light blue aida. There is griding all over in it in emerald green.

      (I had an interesting time trying to explain cross-stitch to my boss earlier this year. He wanted to see if the physical dimensions matched the ones on the chart and then wanting to know how many man hours it would take... that bit is a bit unsurprising when you realise that he timetables everything ever)
  • Ooh pretty!
  • That's rather lovely. Ann had one tiny area left on what turned out to be her final project, which I considered completing then decided to leave as is, although I will get it framed. There are still several small patterns lying around (little exercises), which I've no idea what to do with.
    • I think that is the best approach and it's ... really quite lovely and touching that you are doing that.
      • Thanks. I believe it's what Ann would have wanted.

        Edit: I've since found one of the usused patterns she bought for a little holiday practice piece, and there may be others around. If you let me have your address via stevegreen at livejournal dot com, I'll pop it in the post.

        Edited at 2008-09-20 11:15 pm (UTC)
        • I've been on holiday for the past week or two, so expect a late-ish email coming your way.

          I'd just like to thank you again (thank you, Steve) and send you some good vibes.
  • That is BEAUTIFUL

    Aren't you somewhere beastly hot right now?

    Inquiring minds...

    • Re: That is BEAUTIFUL

      Not quite yet. It's still a civilised hour.

      Wait until the other side of the weekend.

  • whoa that looks hard!! impressive!
    • Not as hard as it looks, honestly. It's just time consuming and you have to be pretty dedicated.
  • Ooo very pretty.
  • Oh, it's beautiful! I love the flowers.
  • Pretty!
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