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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Various strangeness

Various strangeness

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prisoner guh
Okay, long time no post. The Brane is as charming as ever and I only posted my cross-stitch picture because my pet photographer did the photography. At some point it has not so much been the pain but the sheer fuzzing out leaving me a bear of very little brain.

What is it about this post and spambot comments? Is it my cologne?

In Hard Core Logo, is Joe's final bow an escape into an idealised past as in Life on Mars?

I logged onto yahoo and got "Garrett slammed for playing single">, sadly it was not that Garrett, unless you guys know otherwise.

Over at scriggle's massive picspam post of Canadian 6 degrees joy, the picture of Bucky and Billy on the porch is labelled "Hard Core Logo - Ein Film von Bruce MacDonald" which ties in very nicely with the random German guy talking over the opening (telling us about duration) in a manner suggesting we are watching some underground film festival bootleg. I will admit this now, my experience of German cinema is Lola Rennt (Run, Lola, Run! - a movie that is well and truly worth watching. I love the flash-sideways bits especially the bank teller tied up in bondage gear, it's just very amusing) and this is well a parallel finding thing which probably means nothing and somebody will point out the production dates. We have the German cinema bloke and then we go into Joe defining Hard Core Logo (it's one of my favourite bits) which my brain is now juxtaposing with the German Football Personality at the start of Lola Rennt setting out things, "The ball is round, the game is ninety minutes".

On the "On the Inside, I'm a Poet" front, I actually might have detangled myself and there are two things I would like to say:
* Sandor and "the bongo underground" is uncuttable, I love it. Especially the bit about Hard Core Logo (or more accurately Jenifur, who make a cameo elsewhere when Billy teaches them the real meaning of rock and roll...)
* Stella's father and the Antikythera mechanism is my new favourite OTP

"Sometimes you have to go out on a limb, because the fruit is on the end of the branch" - Bob Ross (goodbye and god bless)

I like Joy of Painting; it is the most soothing thing ever. I googled him yesterday and /o\ that was too young. Even the brane likes Bob Ross.
  • If you like the flash-sideways stuff in RUN, LOLA,RUN you MUST get some CORNER GAS.

    I'm working on it.

    Now, Bob Ross:

    • It's just darn smart. It's also communicable. It gets pretty close to the way I write. Seriously. I should get up the courage to email you a more substantial wedge some time, not least because I think writing itself a very awkward thing to describe. (Despite having an arts degree and being able to dissect filthy Latin poetry. Also, I can sometimes spell) I think it's a bit wider than what you might call an esemble (a least in fannish circles because it tends to mean "the whole team" i.e. every member of torchwood rather than just Jack, Ianto and a pocket watch. Not that I have any vendetta against either school of thinking, I just have about 1/4 of a huge story with more than four interconnecting plots)

      I should quit waffling about writing a minute and figure out my packing... then go and waffle a bit after that.

      Bob Ross is ♥ seriously best feel-good thing in the world and an underestimated highlight of multichannel television. Also, just generally fantastic to watch, especially when he brings wildlife in and feels the need to tell us about an awesome submission to the (original local) art competition and how the young man has a whole future of painting joy in front of him.
  • bob ross! he had the most relaxing voice EVER. i used to watch him over a cup of tea before i went to work. love!
    • Exactly! Complete with his happy little clouds. I see to be waking up earlier so Bob Ross can only be a good thing.
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