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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

back from holiday

back from holiday

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Droopy: radio
Now I am back from sunny but soggy Turkey (the rainy season turned up a week early) to not sunny but still soggy Britain (where the rainy season covers most of the year). The journey back was knackering to say the least. Up at 8am Turkish time, touch down 5am the following day in my own time zone. Through a migraine in on top and I think you might get some appreciation of my spaced out qualities.

(Hopefully, I know my record on such things,) a report of some description will follow. A few general points:
  • if you want to stop traffic in Turkey, the_dosk and his beard is a good way to do it.
  • bbd got his beard stroked
  • the best bit about Ephesus is the bit that the tour groups ignore. Hello, wall painting in an entire mansion block? There are no words
  • the camera still eats batteries
  • there was much buzzy-bbd bonding as we did Bodrum castle together
  • I actually sent post cards!

There is much more where that came from!

I am so tired right now and the typing is not up to much right now, so I will hopefully start catching up with e-mail and comments tomorrow.

That said, inform me please of any awesome doing the rounds.
  • Good to have you back!
    I am looking forward to more tour descriptions!
    Report Switzerland: Final day of sun is now being eaten away by nightfall and work is still there and happily amounting :)
    • hopefully, my postcard had the correct postage and n0w you have a lucky card full of luck. you just like using all your smart chemistry stuff, don't you?
      • I got it yesterday, yey!
        Thank you very much, I am still looking for its best place in my room to keep away all the potential dangers emanating from chemistry.
        Therefore I try to hide behind my computer most of the time :)
        How is it to be back in Britain now? Wetter, I guess ;) The weather here is quite strange at the moment: clouds are chased by the sun, or drained from their liquid which pours over us and right now, the mist coming from the mountain opposite of my window is swallowing Zurich. Perhaps it's the end of days -it was nice to have met you :)
        • Evils of chemistry? :-) I suggest hiding behind your computer, unless there is Doctor Who in the vicinity then follow the traditional behind the sofa option.

          It's grey, cold and unexpectedly wet. I haven't experienced it for my myself yet, I just hide under warm things.
  • Welcome back!
  • welcome back!!! not too much going on.
  • Welcome back!
  • hello rachel
    • tazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyy!

      *hugs like a hugging monster*

      How are things going? I miss you.
  • I want to go to Turkey too!

    Welcome back, buzzzzzzzzzzzzy. :D
    • It's warm and shiny, except when it rains. We had a pool, it was nice. I did lengths but they were only 7 metres.

      Blue! Blue! *glomps*
  • Hey, welcome back. It sounds like you had a good time.

    What's Bodrum Castle like?
    • Bodrum Castle is very interesting, a lot of invaders and "guests" built their own towers. The underwater archaeology museum was closed, but we did get into the glass exhibition (more roman glass than... incredibly pretty) and the construction shows a healthy "nick some rock from that old thing" ethos, so there are heads, legs and columns in the walls. There are also peacocks, hens, and sellers of tasteful souvenirs (you can get the non-tasteful option by walking out into the covered market area) including glass men with willies and gorgeous and expensive classical-style jewlery. The views everywhere are incredibly and you shouldn't visit in the rain because most of the paths are made of marble (with some anti-skid value added by a bloke with a chisel). Oh, and it's pretty and any random archaeology is stowed somewhere in the grounds.
  • Hiii! Thank you for the postcard! ♥
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