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The brane did the whole "fall down, go boom" thing on me.*

I'm already feeling fried around the edges. And my ear might explode; a little, nasty cyst on the back. Forgot the first rule of Fight Club and got a gp appointment on Thursday and got the worst guy in the practice. He only ever asks closed questions. It's like being treated by a logic diagram, except without the style, elan, and bedside manner.

*something I learnt from being a comics fangirl. Do you know how often Chris Claremont uses it as a title? Well, at least three. I should rev up the database. That would involve being on my own computer and logging the other two thirds of the comics I own. Given locations, that could be kind of hard. I need to read my comics more.

Ooooh, the preview for Uncanny 503 is pretty. You really should read the name/power captions. When did we get through another hundred? Also, had my first glance at the Ellis' Astonishing. Can somebody (papajoemambo) tell me who the artist is before I die of the prettyful?

Oh and footnote longer than post, nifty!

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