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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

sitll dead

sitll dead

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welsh: headdesk
I continue dead of brane and my ear only partially exploded.

stevegreen rocks and I shall email him so as soon as I can actually think without getting blasted by primary school hymns (currently: I can bring to you the best things I can offer/ I shall sing to you the best things in my mind).

Yeah, dead so *relurks to lounge*

PS the lounge is next to the living room, I am not living the life of Riley at the Churchill.
  • What have I done now? Not that I don't appreciate the cheerleading...
    • Parrot is much appreciated, especially by the budgie. So, being your good self, pretty much. Now, where were those pom poms ;-)
      • Actually, getting that parrot flat enough to fit into an envelope was the difficult part...
        • Is it a Norwegian Blue, we must ask ourselves. Getting embroidery flat is one of the banes of my life and, it seems from the amount of airtime the subject gets on the internets, the bane of everyone else who cross-stitches.
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