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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

In Absentia

In Absentia

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welsh: headdesk
Brain. Crash. Hurty hurty. Ouch.
  • Oh NOOO!!!!

    *cuddles the brain*

    Knowing you are in pain makes me sad. See? Domino effect. It's not good. So you should stop hurting so that you don't, you know, bring down whole governments or anything...

    • You don't want to cuddle he brain, it has vicious teeth.

      I'll try not to bring on world revolution, but who knows, it could be better than all this election news stuff (especially as I live across a big sea etc).
  • *hugs* hope you're feeling better soon.
  • :-(
  • *cuddles*

    *sends CCA to wait on you*

    Oh I meant to tell you, I've started having proper acupuncture. You do find it helps a bit, right? I had kind of half-assed acupuncture back-a-ways and it did nothing much. But the real deal (complete with very strange traditional Chinese medicine) seems to actually do something.
    • CCA?

      Yay! Mine is a white man GP - seriously - who wants to feature in one of my "novels". He can do amazing things to loosen me up. I'll try and get around a bit more online, I'm just feeling kind of dead when I'm not hurting at the moment. So, I await any results with interest, hugs and porcupines [I might watch Animal Cops S Africa a little too much, they are so cute when jumping out of nets)

      PS. Ray with wings is always good (so is CKR, but wearing more golf jewley). Can't type or spell goofd right now.

      Edited at 2008-10-16 02:29 pm (UTC)
      • Sorry, CCA is Callum Cowboy Angel. Have I not introduced you to him before? Shame on me.

        Golf jewelry?

        My acupuncturist is German.
        • Hello, Callum Cowboy Angel. Nice to meet you. How do you feel about ropes and chain-link fences?

          (Who wrote the Canada RPS AU with Cowboy Callum getting it one with Porn Star Paul and - well - everyone to save the Headstones' Ranch. Now, that is a happy warming thought.)

          (Although I would like to emphasise that CAC is just as warming and more fluffy)

          Okay, wire crossage, sorry. I am sure our respective acupuncture gods would get on very nicely).
          • CAC?

            Haven't read that AU but it sounds like fun.

            I should be sleeping. It's too early to be awake. Curses on Facebook Scrabble.
            • I thought it might have been blg, but it wasn't! It was lelejandra

              Headstones Ranch, the most fun a girl can have. Sandra Oh is making queer porn for girls... Huh, I should read it, I could do with a good time, I'm very introverted right now and I guess you know me well enough to recognise a BAD THING when you see one.

              I don't have a facebook. We had a Scrabble game on the computer but it cheated, repeatedly. My scrabble word is "ryot". Also, sleep is over-rated. :-)
              • I like Facebook Scrabble! More so than real Scrabble for some reason. I think because you can try things out repeatedly on the board and no one can see.

                You computer Scrabble cheated?!

                *cuddles introverted buzzy*
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