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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hello. Today is slightly shinier. The children at "work" were…

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welsh: headdesk
Hello. Today is slightly shinier.

The children at "work" were nicer, "work" was nicer, period*.

I feel a bit less pointless today, but am still in the valley of meh. I should be out swimming tonight, but I can't work up the energy/enthusiasm.

Nearly bought mummyfrog's xmas present. Ignoring what weird fuck decided that selling gifts (mostly tat) in the library was a good idea, the library bodies aren't allowed to open up the cabinet. So, the caretakers were called, but they declared they needed a glass cabinet opener from the museum...

Oh, saw the Freddie Mercury tribute concert c. 1992 and recognised nobody but Brian May and Elton John. Also: too much love will kill you. Great slash angle or greatest slash angle? Also, might warp itself into On the Inside if I can find my mojo.

*lord knows why I use this construction, unless I am asorbing American English by osmossis.
  • Yesss....

    My insidious Americanisms are taking hold...

    [makes a tent of his fingers]

  • be careful, we will warp ur brainz..
  • What did you nearly buy for your mother? Did you go swimming after all or not?
    Swimming is good to drown everything unwanted... :)
    Wish you a good start this morning
    • I was going to buy her a frog money box. She has a thing for frogs, but bbd thinks she might be a little fed up with them by now. I hope to swim next week. This morning is sunny but cold.
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