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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

headaches and holidays

headaches and holidays

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mort: hi
Paranoia regarding the headaches has resolved itself with a big pre-emptive strike by the brane. Ouch. Ouch. Triptans.

(I'm still considering the caffeine option)

Uh, I'm not doing well on the blogging front*, but I have been within spitting distance of "On the Inside" - and done some enlightenment with regard to plot issues, rewrites and relocations.

I have finished up the small but detailed cross-stitch from the buzzy vacation.

Of the buzzy vacation, I know I need to upload the archaeology porn, but hey, picture anyway!

Bodrum Castle: meet the residents
Bodrum Castle: meet the residents
I know, I know, slightly fuzzy (rather like me), but just not terribly obliging when it comes to photographs, even if the bbd proved himself the peacock listener whisperer.

*and need to stop guilt tripping myself about everything
  • oh, pretty peacock.

    no guilting! (but yes, archaeology pictures plz!)
    • The wildlife is wonderfully photogenic (even if the guineia fowl in the garden don't take well to being followed by a clomping human with a camera).

      (you might regret that)
  • Oooo peacock. Looks inquisitive.
    • I think he's trying to guess if we have anything for him to eat. The peahen was a lot shyer.
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