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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hi, I am feeling depressed and pathetic right now. A couple of…

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welsh: headdesk
Hi, I am feeling depressed and pathetic right now.

A couple of hours ago, I got my wibbly miserible stuff an entry until the internet ate it. I still don't feel all puppies and flowers, but a tad less likely to drown people with tears.

Right now, I cannot recomend being me.

On a halloween theme, I saw Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School - or at least the last twenty minutes - and it has aged awfully. Scrappy Doo rapping, anybody? That said, I still love the todler mummy with her pink hear bandages bow.

On a schoolastic note, I'm at "work" tomorrow with more schoolchildren. Sadly none of them will have a pet dragon called Matches (who stole the show, really).
  • Scrappy Doo rapping, anybody?

    scrappy doo full stop: *hates*

    *pets and sends halloween-type treats* (i want to make some treacle toffee...)
    • (I want to make a treacle tart, but mummyfrog balks at the idea)

      (Anyways, she's just fed me about a cwt of apple pie, which means I will be surviving on fruit and berries for the next week


      (we did treacle toffee at primary school, it was horrible and useless - rather like the teacher - and I can firmly remember pouring it down the drain next to the chip shop)
  • *hugs*
    • *laughs loudly and gets funny looks*

      You, my girl, are made of most extraordinary win.
      • \o/

        Have you never noticed that if you type hugs hugs hugs hugs over and over, eventually you accidentally type 'hughs'?
        • Have you noticed that if you type "hughs hughs hughs" you eventually get "hugs" which are of great consolation if your hugh oreder doesn't come in on time?
  • I don't feel I know you well enough to go tossing *hugs* around but howabout if I sit quietly with you and offer up comforting pats on the back/arm/hand? Or something like that? I pet good.

    However, yes, I'm with Unhurt on this:
    scrappy doo full stop: *hates*
    • I like hugs a lot and cling like clingfilm.

      I don't get the Scrappy Doo thing. I might not have been a terribly discerning kid.
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