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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

buzzy finds a new way to lose time

buzzy finds a new way to lose time

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hugh house
Today I got needled in new and interesting places. At least I am feeling less stiff even if it's a bit ouchy.

When cesperanza made her callout on ds_fanfiction regarding fanlore (the Organisation for Transformative Works - uh, a bit like a union for fan activities and creativities - has set it up as a free and impartial home for a wiki of - well - fannish everything*), I was just going to add "Schisms" to the must-read section of Benton Fraser.

I went in for a link and came out writing four pages of the (buzzy added) X Men entry, which isn't near finished yet, but makes essay writing look fun, even when trying to resolve a massive body of work/canon into an overview and introduction. I've just about covered the "space is really big" section**. I also have a lot of skeleton headings to enlarge upon.

And then I lost it *cries* but the bbd sucked most of it out of the internets thus enhancing my happiness a thousand fold.

I can cover the comics myself, but give me a little while and I need to hunt down some fannish activity; there's not a lot on lj and there wasn't a lot when I still had an x-fannish output. So pointers on fanculture are appreciated, as are corrections and bits done better. I'm probably trying to define the base blocks of the universe rather than the cast of thousands. They need entries of their own, etc, etc, tec, and huge wonking chunks of canon, because I cannot cover everything ever in the entry as it's huge

*much buzzy waffling and hand waving*

so, eh, I've found a new game and am enjoying myself and trying to write a generalist entry covering x-canon without people running away...

Bugger, trying to explain the X-Men is not so much the aim as fandom interaction. As in my past 6 years or so of obsessiveness, I barely managed to track down any collective fannish endeavor beyond a handful of comms on lj, which aren't exactly hoppin. C-Fan was ded before I got there, static websites,

It's the reason I have turned down offers from peeps to write something about x-men fan fiction on their website/'zine.

I'll try and figure out what - if anything - can be salvaged.

The way I think is - the canon is huge, explain about how canon got so damn big, provide some kind of explanation about how you can get 12 comics a month, minimum.



ETA2: the short version? I associate fannishness with a need to understand and from understanding comes knowledge comes fan creativity

Uh, that's not what I mean exactly. *more handwaving*

* A lot of fandom can put it much more elloquently regarding the creation of the OTW and fanlore. The short version is 1)venture capitalists offer an archive which they then effectively use our fannish love to their monetary gain and, hell, they could think of a lot of ways to gain... 1a) through much fannish networking, their plan doesn't get off the ground 2) A rather odious individual set up a multi-fandom wikibase thing which she venture-sells as a rich crop of social data and to show off "outs" a bunch of fans and trolls in an alarming...

I meant it about the eloquent bit and many can show a much more helpful, well-reasoned and insightful account of events and how they pupated into a fannish service by collective fanishness.

My world-view is probably a bit too bucolic and localised to truly reflect on any of this.

**Douglas Adams built a substantial part of my world, which is why my headaches have an affinity with the Pan Galactic Gargle Buster.
  • That anonymous entry was mine - erase it please

    "...you might think it's a long trip down to the chemists', but that's just PEANUTS next to space. Listen..."

    I had the three albums that came out at the same time the TV series did. I can't help but hear Stephen Jones' voice every time I hear HHGTTG entries in my head.

    again, adorable = you.
    • Re: That anonymous entry was mine - erase it please

      I love the Book.

      Stephen Fry as the Book was the only good bit of the recent movie and I left before the Da Da Dum happened, if it did indeed happen and how do we decide when a thing has happened, the Atashi Hypermonks of Quadro Three Beta have developed a measuring device, which - although scorned by particle physicists and book makers - should answer that question once the quadrillion lawsuits have been resolved and an uniiversal anti-happening convention has been instituted.

      I think I have just proved your point. The movie leaving was down to headache and flashy headache-enhancing visuals, well, they enhance the headache, they don't do terribly much for me, but perhaps I am doing this wrongly. I would go and see my doctor, but medicalising it will just make the darn thing more self-important.

      You're pretty adorable too.

      I'm going to down tools on the wiki thing for a bit. I am trying to discribe the fantasticness of Days of Future Past and how it illustrates time travel and other key points in the X-men canon.

      My brain keeps replaying the bit where nightcrawler is shot.

      Uh, I know in one of Rachel's "hounds" flashbacks in Excalibur
      writes him back in as alive and kicking for a little bit longer, before the hounds -uh- tear him to bits.

      Dredging up all the fangirl data in my head has thus proved enjoyable and that I can still do this sort of thing...

      ...even if no actual fic writing (sorry, that's the brane's obligatory refrain, it feels the same way about cross-stitch).
  • Really? X-Men fandom is that sparse? I'm surprised.

    Mind you I'm not an X-Men fan, I was WW and Batman and (dear god, it's true) Elfquest and, uh, Cerebus (no one ever said I was a well balanced child). But I respect X-Men, and I would have thought after the movies, the fandom would be as big as canon. lol! Weird.

    ...That said, Nightcrawler is my word for hot superhero SEX. guh.
    • what happened to all my nightcrawler icons?

      We're talking about it over there. It's not a fandom with much centre, individual websites, closed archives, ff.net. There's much fan to fan discussion, pretty much anything. There are lj comms but I wouldn't say they're heaving with posts. What the hell: What they're saying

      I have a couple of thousands of the comics, when I geek, I geek hard. (I also have a love afair with 50p boxes, which has been no longer consummated since I left uni and commenced unemployment. Because I know how I work, mostly) and some full runs of the second tier mutant books (Excalibur not Uncanny X-Men).

      It's a stupid question to ask if you've found my x-fic. Nightcrawler is still my favourite x-man and one of the few I would date. Northstar is canon gay, so not dating material but maybe hiding behind a palm tree with a long range lens.

      If you think that's crazy fangirling, they do it better in canon! Purple Girl is the ultimate fangirl. She was also my first lj icon. I love the cover with many <3

      On the enabling front - ximeria did Nightcrawler/Wolvie sex on a pool table. I just can't think of much else beyond logurt right now.

      Edited at 2008-11-06 08:36 pm (UTC)
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