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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hello. I'm surfacing again. In the next couple of weeks, I'm…

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hugh house
Hello. I'm surfacing again. In the next couple of weeks, I'm cutting some meds out of my brane-diet to see what happens, in a thoroughly medical way. Since my posting has already been dropping (mostly through brane, guilt and paranoia) this could be very interesting.

Okay, that's got it out of the way.

I finally had a fannish dream. I was about the Hard Core Logo 2 script and reverting to the version Hugh was showing that guy on the Hour.

At computing for the inept, besides having new boxes that are merely slow as opposed to murderously slow (although the line is very blurry as one very grouchy backpaker demonstrated), I found a book called "A boy of good breeding".

Why hasn't this book turned into a quirky little bit of cancon? Seriously, all the ingredients for Canadian media output are there (so far) including a mayor with a pathological need for Algern to be the smallest town in Canada (which requires exactly 15,000 people) who keeps a jotter with "dead/probably dying" and "births" in nice little columns. Add a drunk-driving combine harvester, unfortunate child naming,and heart attacks... why? Surely we can cast this all up and post the book to CBC - with Molly Parker as - unfortunately named - Knute.

And on the paranormal romance/urban fantasty/what-ever-the-heck-we-are-going-to-call-it-this-week genre, Patricia Briggs is my latest tip. So far, that's "Moon Called" and "Blood Bound".

The US's newest minority - the Fae - gettintg college scholarships on one hand and "reservations" on the other. The top werewolf getting uncomfortable and trying to find a good "ambassador" for going public. And a vampire with his own "Mystery Machine". Our heroine has a lot on her hands besides trying to fix up a vampire's VW bus, running a business and turning into a coyote. Yum. Yum.

At Inept, I realised that reading this stuff is the first time I've actually done anything so "popular" - it's weirding me out some.

Oh, and try this for a good time,
Mythbusters Jamie and Adam denostrating the difference between a cpu and a gpu
Geeky thanks to the_dosk for being a really cool brother who actually understands the metaphor. Everyone else can kick back and enjoy.

Also ♥ ♥ and tissues to papajoemambo, who is still the most interesting guy with a phone.
  • good god, I thought you were kidding about there being a hard core logo 2.
    • So not kidding. *grin*

      I have no idea how they are going to pull it off either. It's somewhere between nifty and scary. I had linky bits somewhere. *scratches head*

      ETA: still trying to find my various bits and bobs from my "sources". I probably del.icio.us -ed them. Also, Bruce thinks fanfiction is cool. Unfortunately, my tagging skills aren't.

      ETA 2: you might want to read this confirming hcl2 and talking about scots castles. The process etc seems to have slowed down a bit, and Dan McIvor (I think, there are two Dans in canada or something like that, and I don't remember names in RL) has comfirmed that he's in on it, scriptwise.

      Edited at 2008-11-16 06:58 pm (UTC)
  • I like Briggs's novels too. It's funny, I discovered the first Mercy Thompson one a couple months after visiting the area where they are set.
    • That is just cool to the nth degree, you know that? My geography skills are teh suck (unless you count acing the 9th grade exam with my leet knowledge of coastal formations), so I settle for being mildly confused. I've put the third book on my library reserve list. A good sense of humour and meaty plotting is probably the way to my heart. And I like complicated family trees and hierachies (which is probably a big indication of my fannish background - Dr Who in the nineties and X-men comics)
      • That area of Washington is very cool, actually, quite different from Seattle and the coast. Very rough as far as the scenery goes, but gorgeous in a brutal kind of way.
        I know Briggs wrote a few other series before this one, although I haven't read any of them - I think they're more straight fantasy. I tend to be a big fan of the urban fantasy stuff where the supernatural has to coexist with ordinary life. Have you read Tinker, by Wen Spencer? Her heroine is a mechanic and well, a tinkerer, and it's set in a Pittsburgh where half the city ends up swapped into a parallel world for a few days each month where there are fairies and magic and other unusual creatures. I think you'd probably like it.
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