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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Today's excitement - if you can call it that - was bbd dubbing some…

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fraser: I want to break free
Today's excitement - if you can call it that - was bbd dubbing some home-movies off vhs. Home movies in which we are never at home, because we had grandma's camcorder on holiday with us. So, hello twelve-year-old me. Also, hello the_dosk, when he still wore colours and had this piping little voice asking for somebody to rescue his scuba diving mickey mouse.

Today's anticlimax - if you can call it that - the shedload of Angel videos from TA, which EQ lugged through central London. I said she should have just given up and dumped them at the nearest charity shop. Maybe harder said than done, because Dover is 60% charity shops and 20% empty rotting shops. (Local press: Dover will not be hit by the recession as we have bugger all already - somebody needs to post that news to Working Lunch, just saying) Hooked up the video to the hdd video and found copy protection. So not made of win.

Talked to EQ and Joe yesterday, which was nifty.

That mermaid cross-stitch kit I was so beaten up about? Bbd ordered it via ebay - another example of his awesome powers of win. Probably shouldn't have mentioned at work as boss gave me a glare that - in retrospect, I'm not good at figuring these things out in real time - it does not consist of necessary spending and I should be saving all the expenses. Bbd phoned me up there and asked if I still wanted it...

Will mention it was from my birthday money and that I was told to spend it on something happy-making.

I normally steer clear of ebay for many and sundry reasons, which can be seen in my comic collection and my action-figure collection. Bbd loves buying strange things on ebay - I-plates, voltage testers, 16 oem antivirus disks - so things didn't quite work out that way and there is a lot of stitching in my near future.

On the brane front, I have been rated as "not so vague" since I cut my tablets
  • I am so happy for you that you are getting that mermaid cross stitch you wanted so much. That is muchly awesome. :)

    And does "not so vague" also translate as "not in pain"? One hopes?

    • I'm looking forward to getting it. The current one (or rather me) has colour-matching issues and I could do with the lift.

      It means I actually finish more sentences and lose less words (which I hate) when talking to people. I do, however, feel well and truly zapped, which is strange because getting on the stuff made me feel dozy. *puzzled*
  • That mermaid cross-stitch kit I was so beaten up about? Bbd ordered it via ebay - another example of his awesome powers of win.

    Oh, cool! And happy birthday -- post or pre...
    • It will be when it comes, along with the rest of my splurge. Bbd - it seems - hasn't told mummyfrog about our joint profiligacy. It think it might best stay that way for a little longer. She's currently a little puzzled that the money I wanted to bank is now in my moneybox for seasonal reasons. Where it isn't.
  • Hey, congrats to your cross-stitch. Stitch on :)
    I just did not completely understand why your boss has a say in what you spend. I definitely think that you should spend your birthday money on something you like.
    How is cutting off the meds? It sounds like a burning headache...
    Sorry for being silent for so long. Grrr, I hate experiments that don't work. :-/
    Wish you a happy day anyway: May the sun shine on your face and your head let you enjoy it. :)
    • When he is paying my expenses out of his own pocket as the place runs on tea and donation box, it does. Well, he is supremely grumpy and has told me before. He is never happier than when telling people how to do things. Fortunately, he has found other things to think about and so, it is probably forgotten.

      Meds cutting doesn't seem that much of a problem. I just feel tired at the moment, but I still have 600mg to go.

      Experiments that don't work suck muchly. Happy thought: picture of archaeologist in trench in a rubber dingy. Sun did shine a bit, so good.
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