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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

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food | post

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hugh house
Today, bbd and I had a picnic - sitting on cushions in the lounge - with pseudo-greek salad*, antipasti and ciabata. We've also had a bunch of power spikes [insert sacasm here]. I feel really tired and a little fuzzy headed, which I'm hoping is just because I am ditching my old meds.

Am getting very excited about post at the moment. Sadly, all circulars from local political candidate (not terribly unique selling point: he is not our member -- of parliament, what were you thinking? Okay, he's a dick, but that is cruel to dicks everwhere. And slashers know that dicks do not lie)

Okay, I'm smirking at that.

Really dead in the water, here, enthusiasm-wise. Have just watched Mike Holmes et al without having something stitchy. Grade A weird.

*no olives.
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