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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Cut down another 300mg on the gabapentin front, which I hope isn't…

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welsh: headdesk
Cut down another 300mg on the gabapentin front, which I hope isn't the reason for yesterday's road-crash of a headache.

Oh, and 5US had "Buried on Sunday" on. Still not in the least convinced by Noelle's ralationships with the Minister for Fisheries or Gus Knickel. But, boy Gus (Paul Gross) looked so good in his serious black shirt in the community centre. Really good.

Still not sure if Dexter had [a terminal illness/ an epiphany/ or a nervous breakdown]. What do you think?

Poll #1301386 Buried on Sunday

What is eating Dexter Lexcannon? Has he

had a break down?
had an epiphany?
had a terminal illness?
had something else?

Something else? Please tell me.

Bbd came in late and thought it was a very silly film, but he liked the bit with the Rocky Mountains and the bikers.
  • Epiphany for (pretty) sure, but I'm inclined to think epiphany AND a serious or terminal illness. *hearts Dexter*
    • Good call.

      I like Mr Lexcanon a lot (and not entirely because of his spectacularly amusing name in a movie that struggles a little with subtext), I'd like to do something about him one day. I'd forgotten about how drunk and how much fun he is.
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