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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Things buzzy ♥ this morning

Things buzzy ♥ this morning

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hugh house

  • stitching, especially after the colour-matching fiasco of last week, now I am doing even more drapery, which is surprisingly fast. I am not looking forward to doing sleeping beauty's sheets, the chart looks uncomfortable. I've got a scary amount done.
  • Three weeks until the_dosk is back, then I can get him to photograph said stitchy. He is much better than I, although I really need to start using my new camera (which is my christmas present)
  • Bob Ross this morning. "Make friends with trees. Talk to trees. Your neighbours might think you a bit odd, but tell them you are an artist, they will understand."
  • Be polite to people, it works.
  • actually looking forward to ~50 seven-year-olds tomorrow.
  • bbd's new slipper-boot things, warmer and happier.

Things I do not <3:
  • People in Riceman's who walk over a fallen faux-fur stole rather than putting it on the display, or somewhere else safe. That goes for the hanger as well. And the bag display... *growls*
  • Laying in wait for the postman with great enthusiasm, hoping for more stitchy goodness, and getting a little disappointed.
  • bad colur matches that look like mint aero
  • My continued not-writing-ness and not-headache-diarying-ness, which are guilting me out, which means I avoid... the usual.
  • Not really having got anywhere with anything. Feeling a bit trapped and a general let-down.

Uh, I know I had other things to say, I just can't remember them. And now, unto the bath!
  • Avoidance is an underrated coping mechanism. I do it all the time and even avoid the guilt that comes with it. *g*

    Feel better.
    • That makes me feel a bit better, as does actually doing a little writing, which subconciously worked better than original at getting me to "how Stella met Ray2". :-)

      Still bringing those pills down, haven't collapsed much yet. :-)
  • I know the avoiding everything-state as well. Much too well and much too often. It keeps amounting, becomes more and more urgent and avoiding the avoiding guilt doesn't work anymore. Then an huge effort is needed to cope at least with the most urgent things to be done. Ugh.
    You however don't seem to avoid stitching, so that's good :) I am looking forward to the pics.
    • Stitching is my default, pretty much. If I am not stitching I am a) in possession of more important activity or b) too dead to stitch and thoroughly freaked out that I can sit in front of television without said stitching.

      c) is dead and in bed, by which I skip freaking and veer towards unconcious. (and bad spelling ;-) )

      Hey, I could name the Large Haldron Collider when they asked about it on University Challenge.
  • "That's a happy lil tree right there...."

    Former Marvel STAR WARS artist CYNTHIA MARTIN draws the TORCHWOOD cast:

    XO from Papa
    • Re: "That's a happy lil tree right there...."

      I'm not quite sure about Owe (which probably matches my feelings about the "real" Owen), but I want to hug and squish Ianto. And Jack. And Tosh. ♥ ♥ &hearts I'm wondering why Ianto has the pointy thing, he's just cleaning up some paperwork, right? In the lower tunnels, at night, without a torch. Jack looks fantastic and the pose is just right.
      • "annnnnd anuther happy lil cloud - time to clean the brush...."

        Cynthia Martin is one of those Marvel artists who nobody seems to remember.

        She suffered the difficulty of having a distinct style when everyone was being told to draw like an ex-Marvel artist of at least 10 years before them. She didn't fare much better at DC, unfortunately. "Cartooney" long before it was hip to be so.
        • Re: "annnnnd anuther happy lil cloud - time to clean the brush...."

          *pets cynthia*

          That sucks. What the hell is wrong with cartoony?

          Paul Smith and Bret Blevins spring to mind, but probably not quite the right time period - I'm guessing here.

          *glomps joe muchly*
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