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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

you play the game and you call it your own

you play the game and you call it your own

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hugh 4
I've written a little, which is good, but more is better.

In today's episode of "why buzzy should leave attributions on chapter titles" [ draw breath ] uh, I have Hugh Dillon growling "you play the game and you call it your own" and I suspect my early suspicions regarding the Headstones are incredibly out of the ball park and it's more likely to be part of [that new album we should be getting soon, honest].

ETA: malnpudl has the ear for this game, it's "Ignore that Call", which is from the much-longed for record

So, can you attribute a Hugh?

Now, back to how Stella met her second Ray (hopefully) unless that is meant to be somewhere else. I have deskloads of notes and pinboard of notes and lots of little self-comments here, there, and everywhere.
  • Oh, bother... I don't have it with me on my laptop... but I think that's from "Ignore That Call" off the long-promised-much-desired new HDRC album.
  • Since I can't give you any comment on that I just wish you a good day :)
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