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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Okay, this is it, no more gabapentin. Woo. I've been on the stuff…

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ds manga: ben alone
Okay, this is it, no more gabapentin. Woo. I've been on the stuff almost as long as I had an lj, which is rather scary, and apparently I am brighter and sparkier without it.

My shiny shiny (well, most of it) turned up in the post this morning. I have been fondling and petting it. More stitchiness = good, even if I'm unlikely to finish Sleeping Beauty before Christmas.

This week's schoolchildren at "work" where fifty little no-shows. The school didn't send the form back to confirm and we didn't notice until half past [appropriate historical activities]. To make it more fun, they sounded very confirmed when they phone-booked and then decided to change the date without telling us. As a volunteer-driven thing, we are not impressed one little bit.

Oh, the brane decided to make a special guest appearance this afternoon.

Best thing about this week: bbd telling [his computer-wreaking buddy's nearly-new] computer that it was safe and loved, after we got given it, because the owner decided to get another rather than do some simple fixes he would get a new one. Current theory on the big scratches is some literal rebooting.
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