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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

still not dead

still not dead

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hugh house
It seems removing gabapentin and the associated whack of sunshine yellow has yet to kill me. Woot!

Got myself to the buzzy!puter, opened up On the Inside, looked at content and ran away. Oh god, there's just too damn much of it and how can I keep track of the writes, the re-writes, and the slightly too random bits. I am scared of losing Stella Backstory 2.01 (huh? I should totally start version numbering and copy the great stuff about Stella's dad somewhere. There are times when I go a bit too much stream-of-consciousness and lose the action. I just can tell you heaps about what Stella associates with telescopes, desks, and her mother.

Stella's great relationship with her father makes me very happy. Not everyone in dS is haunted by the ghost of their father.

Actually, thinking about it, I think Stella would love the ghost of her father to come back. I have something written about how he does not come back and how that cuts Stella up inside. I need to make sure I keep that.

Come to it, where is Pa Vecchio in all this?

Come to that, uh, the whole Turnbull backstory is - uh - a story and not in a character-specific pov and right now everything about this project is scaring the hell out of me.

Otherwise, I am pretty lacking in whomph today (videlicet no writing) and demotivated. Also, getting worse scares me and getting better scares me and there's a lot of scare between here and there. Everything is scaring me. I need to get out.

  • You are a pretty, small, russet thing who needs not be frightened.

    Here - watch the funniest moment from WKRP in Cinncinati:

    Lastly - Is there a tone emitted by Stephen Fry's voice that sets off the same response as a cup of hot cocoa does - I'm beginning to think there is.
    • Russet? Not unless I've changed my hair colour. *thinks about it* Actually, I'm not sure what my hair colour is. It has always been a subject of much bemused interest.

      Oooh, I like the little growling kitty at the end. The exec at the end looked like Ronnie Barker in a cunning disguise. Poor turkeys!

      Yes. Also, I spent the latest episode going "Joe would love that shirt!" and "Stephen, have you raided Joe's wardrobe" and "is it Joe's shirts on a time-share holiday in Hawaii?".
  • Don't be scared.
    I hope that change will only be for the better.
    Getting out sounds like a good idea, though
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