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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Job application forms suck like a dyson. The only thing suckier is…

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exc: oh dear!
Job application forms suck like a dyson.

The only thing suckier is my interview technique and my sheer lack of [whatever the recruiters want, including - but not limited to - eye contact].

I know I am pretty directionless and I need to figure things out, but I need somewhere to start and elsewhere costs money I don't have and will continue to not have until I get a job.

*kicks inertia*
  • fwiw i am pretty sure that just getting interview practice will help? the more you do the less you will worry and the easier they will get. oh, and! make your boss write you a glowing reference!

    *kicks interviewers when they are not looking*

    (what? it might help...)
    • Eep. My boss tried to a mock interview on me. He was surprisingly good.

      (yep, that would help. also, panel interviews are the work of the devil - viz catbert)
  • I'm at the same place right now, where I've been freelancing long enough that I don't know where my old bosses and references are anymore. It's a very annoying catch-22.
    • It's just a mess here. I wish I had something which I did for more than three-four months to put on there (even if it would be undeniably boring). I volunteer and do shiny things and I still manage to not get jobs. I can't see what else I can change without actually getting a job. It's a vicious circular thing.
      • Ya, it's irritating. I'd think that if you've been volunteering for a while, and it has reasonable responsibility like it sounds like it does, you could totally list it as a job whether or not you get paid. I mean, don't lie, but 'volunteer whatever, whereever, 2007-' would be totally kosher imo.
        • Getting close to 1 and 1/2 to 2 years and I have started putting it down because I do get off my ass and teach seven year olds (45, nicely behaved) about [historical bumph]. Your back-up makes me feel a whole world more confident about doing that.
          • Yeah, that sounds like something you should totally list. After all, they're trying to find out from your jobs if you're responsible, can work w/ others, plan and carry out projects, yadda yadda, and this shows that.

            I'm having fun looking for a job while the economy crashes and burns. It's delightful.
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