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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I spent a good part of today with Ami James from Miami Ink whispering…

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hugh house
I spent a good part of today with Ami James from Miami Ink whispering in my ear, "This week, buzzy actually touched real archaeology..."

There's not much else to say besides:
a)where did all the chocolate go?
b)pom poms and robots for the dosk, fighting bad timetabling and underpowered machines (on a computer animation course?!)
c)schoolchildren tomorrow
e)stop picking on the lad with the pva hair, national press.
  • Read that as porn porns. Possibly need to step back from fandom a tad.
    • *laughs* Uh, there's a Latin poem, which goes a bit like this:
      Cock is a prick, that much we know,
      Does the pot not find its own potherbs

      Uh, I think it's Martial (my favourite fun Roman poet) and - uh - Cock is a surname, in the original it's Mentula...

      I'm as stepped back as I get, do you know how much stitching I've done lately? Need to start writing again and get over myself. Feeling a little isolated here. From everything as well as fandom.

      Spoke to EQ and told her where my website is - not sure I should have done that - so now feeling quivery. She asked over you - so is everything good with you?
      • LOL. I'm fine! I'm sure I've said this before but you should write some drabbles or something. It'd be a challenge!
        • *waves*

          Oh god! Eep! I still have some joe Dick commentfic to tidy up (about his love of destressing clothing - and, yes, you read that right) and I really should have a look at Armando Langoustini Nice Gay Boy as I haven't touched it since last November and I still think it is some of my best writing. Everything down in vivid microdetail. Deserts, pierced nipples and beautiful boys... *yearns*

          Shopping tomorrow or I would fish it out right now/tomorrow and read it all over.
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