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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I spent a good part of today with Ami James from Miami Ink whispering…

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hugh house
I spent a good part of today with Ami James from Miami Ink whispering in my ear, "This week, buzzy actually touched real archaeology..."

There's not much else to say besides:
a)where did all the chocolate go?
b)pom poms and robots for the dosk, fighting bad timetabling and underpowered machines (on a computer animation course?!)
c)schoolchildren tomorrow
e)stop picking on the lad with the pva hair, national press.
  • mmm... chocolate. I am trying to be good and lose some weight right now, but it sounds so good. Still have yoghurt ritter squares in fridge. Yummy.

    A lad was on University Challenge (uh, a team quiz show with students in it) and he had a mowhawk (which, he later revealed was suck using pva glue - the white sloppy stuff they use in schools) and was wearing an RAF jacket. It should have ended there, but the national press managed to find many "offended" people :-( Which is a load of dingo's kidnies. And they are being very vitrolic about it, which is a) cruel and b) makes me very angry.
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