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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Seven year olds were nice and not too difficult. And this Cover by…

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hugh house
Seven year olds were nice and not too difficult.

And this Cover by Gianluca for Warren Ellis' new comic, Ignition City just makes me long so much, it makes me yearn and it feels so good. There's a bit of an Orbiter vibe going on and I gosh-darn loved Orbiter so damn much. Keep writing the smart stuff, Ellis, and get them to issue the fourth Planetry trade before I die from waiting.

(Unlike a lot of Ellis's blog, it is more than worksafe)

On dieing from waiting, that means you too, Hugh Dillon.
  • Okay, so, hi

    *stares and maybe even drools at little bit in the general direction of the pencilled pretty*
    • I love your icon, whimsical Diefenbakers are a very good thing.

      It's just _so_ gorgeous.
      • It is gorgeous! It completely distracted me from the deep and meaningful relationship I was having with Authority: World's End #5 (Angie, how so awesome? Jack? You're really a whole lot of an arsehole sometimes. Stop making me feel bad for liking you!)

        The icon is courtesy of simplystars, who made suitably themed icons for all the members of Team Whimsy in the latest round of DS_Match. Because she's cool like that.

        (also; Lakeside. You have my undying shudders of pity. Also my trying to figure out why I said I'd go to Bluewater on Tuesday. I really kinda wished I still lived near Sheffield. At least Meadowhellhall was only 67% crappy)
        • I'm currently on a comic-buying sabbatical until I get myself employed, but Angie indeed does rock muchly. I used to have a "va- va- boom" icon of her and her big guns.

          It's gorgeous.

          (exactly, and then we spend half the time in m&s. At least Bluewater is circular / triangular and makes lost harder to do, imho. And hopefully it hasn't been overcome by the tat-traders and demonstration people)
          • (there was an increase in tat last time I went. I'm just worried what they're going to have come up with now that it's actually December...)
            • (I know - trying to find something for a guy is pathetic, or rather, what you find is pathetic. I should get my act together and make things in time for xmas and save myself the shopping torture, but that would involving knowing what the folks want)
  • Hmm, you need to introduce your seven year olds to Warren Ellis :)
    Don't die - then you won't live long enough to enjoy the comic ;)
    • That would be very interested. One of them told me that our historical topless ladies were very rude.

      Once again, you impress me with your scientific knowledge. ;-)
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