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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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hugh house
I forgot to say, I weighed myself yesterday and I'm now nine stone, which is a whole stone lighter. Being slow, sure and trying not to give in too often seem to be working for me. So more sensible eating for me!

(Uh, the Lasange and Chocolate Mouse Cake notwithstanding)

So, I fitted into a wardrobe-dwelling pair of jeans the colour of key lime pie. I don't know what it tastes like, but it feels good.

    After a year of psychological breakage, I'm finally starting back on a health program myself, so it is always good to see someone else having success at same. *hugs*
  • Cool! Nice job.
  • maybe it's cos you are no longer on those other meds too! But way to go!!!!
    • not unless it's dropping off at a dramatic rate, but I feel a lot better for it and there's now 100% less sunset yellow in my system (why the hell do they colour pills with stuff that everyone knows is just plain nasty? The "small amount" argument does not work - getting dosk plain pills is hard word).

      I can't remember, do you read comics? Your icon makes me think of Psylocke from the X-Men.
  • Yay. Good stuff.
    • Yes, I'm pretty happy about this and the last two days have been such an up-phase, if you get what I mean. All happy and fluffy. I can do anything (except finish cards in time to bake cake)

  • Take my word for it - key lime pie is very tasty indeed.

    Think of lemon merengue, but with lime instead.
    • Nobody eats limes casa buzzy. The closest I've got is lime in my coke.

      I thought so, but I can't spell "merengue" to save my life. Grandma made the best lemon merengues ever, in the universe. I'm wishing I had learnt how. As it is, I think I need to find a reliable reciepe (so, not one of those school ones that uses lemon curd) I can however do a reasonable victoria sponge. Bbd is making rumblings about christmas cake (yuk) which I am meant to bake. I'm pondering making a sponge for new year's.

  • Congrats! 9 stone, you must be tiny. I've started thinking of my weight in stones (stone? sounds like it might be a collective plural), recently, just because it's less granular than pounds, and something like x to x 1/2 stone sounds like more of a reasonable range than an exact pound amount. Of course no one around here knows what I'm talking about... I lost ~20 pounds earlier this year as part of a behavioral health trial, and I found it really manageable at a 3/4-1 lb lost per week pace - anything higher than that makes me cranky and prone to binging.
    • 9 stone, you must be tiny.

      Uh, four foot eleven. (And that does the same strange thing with the plural. I'm just short of any idea why) So, yes, short. Totally get the stone thing, I'm just baffled when all the Americans start talking about hundred pound weaklings. (more like always baffled, the education system has a lot to do with that. Rather than being adept with one system, we are confused by two)

      20 pounds! You're doing good, keep at it!

      I'm going the slow way too. It's more of a subtle lifestyle change (and less chocolate). I'm aiming for somewhere are eight stone, which is where I was pre-branehate.
      • I was just noticing on Top Gear how everything's still referenced in miles or gallons or whatever, at least most of the time. But maybe they're just old-fashioned cranks. ;)

        As someone trained in the sciences I realize that the metric system is so much more useful and less of a pain in the ass, but when you're eyeballing things in everyday life, measures that were originally created for real everyday things tend to be so much friendlier. One exception - the Fahrenheit scale is *way* more granular than is needed for the average person (and also wack-ass: freezing point of water is *32*? Uh, ok...).

        I'm 11" taller than you (!), so 20 pounds isn't maybe as much as it sounds. Yeah, ever since I've been on antidepressants it's been trickier to lose weight, but to be honest I gained the weight when I was depressed before I was on them, and I'd rather be not (less?) crazy and slowly losing weight than a human lump and skinny.
        • Hell, they sell petrol in litres now, but everyone talks about mpg. We are seriously screwy when it comes to measurements here. And the less said about "metric martyrs" the better (grr... martyrdom involves doing something important in the face of death, it DOES NOT MEAN being an idiot who thinks he won't list metric prices as well as imperial because it is big and clever and the press come and talk to him)

          Okay, that's something that really annoys me. We do seem to have gone celsius/centigrade a bit better, as farenheit is getting dusty, thankfully, as it makes little sense at the best of times. At "work" we have problems with reports done in old money (well, feet and inches) that have lain in storage for yonks and now need publishing - it's very easy to botch the scales.

          Yeeps! I have a friend who insists she is 5' 13". I was on a whole bunch of fun medications (and still am, but perhaps better fun medications) all deeply various and spacey. So I get the whole pills/metabolism thing (and I had a very miserible patch where the pills were rather depressing and the condition on its own was pretty pants... let's just say that I didn't manage mealtimes, let alone a vaugely sane diet). So, I am waving pom-poms for you. You just need to remember that we are going to keep it off, unlike folks who only drink cabbage soup or replace food with whatever.
          • martyrdom involves doing something important in the face of death, it DOES NOT MEAN being an idiot who thinks he won't list metric prices as well as imperial because it is big and clever and the press come and talk to him

            Jeez. There's tilting at windmills, and then there's tilting at windmills just to annoy people! I have a friend who grew up in a small town, and the school system decided to go metric when she was a kid (this would be in the 70s when it was still vaguely possible that the US would give in), so all she learned was metric. Which she finds horrifically unhelpful for everyday life, especially since all the imperial conversions are crackass and can only be remembered through memorization.

            I remember the first time I went to the dentist in a couple of years, and had several cavities, and had mentioned why I hadn't been. I confessed that I had had days when I couldn't manage to brush my teeth once, let alone floss or make a dentist appointment. It sounds like hyperbole or an excuse until you actually experience it yourself. I have great sym-/empathy nowadays for everyone dealing with a chronic illness. /babble

            I am a grand exponent of the Kelvin scale, but that's just because I'm wacky and I like to ponder the concept of absolute zero. ;)
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