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Hello. I spent four hours in bed with a nasty headache that is still feeling chatty.

The mermaid kit is yet to arrive, frustratingly.

Also? Bbd dug out some of my old school reports which mention my absolute lack of talent when it comes to sport (true) and my emotional and social immaturity (hopefully not true, but I have always lived on planet weird and dorkacious. Secondly, entirely why I lost the one nice graduate job, so my debating skills have not improved one jot. All I want is to be listened to and acknowledged. ggggrr.) Quite possibly this is a good way to get myself all cranky and upset. Bbd says he didn't traumatise that teacher, or at least, not until she was incredibly mean unto my little b(r)other.

Incidently, my little b(r)other, the_dosk continues to rock and build virtual everything. Starting with win and daleks.

Uh, I think I need some happy little thoughts. Besides Vecchio saying "Undead mounties? Sometimes not really worth the effort" in a fit of Mountie-Slayer-i-ness.

(ETA: in my imaginary adventures, Jamey has just "dropped in" on Vecchio. Vecchio was getting some fresh air at a cop conference and meeting up with an old friend from police academy. They were talking about vampires and Vecchio trying to explain that you can't blanket vampires any more than you can the whole human race. And that clans are like species and sub-species all competing in messy and violent ways.

"Heads up, Vecchio" Jamey shouted as he jumped from a great height, giving Vecchio a nano-second in which to shoot the unexpected blimp-monster. Vecchio is right on the money, being the best knight in Chicago. The asphalt cracks a little as Jamey lands, and then grins before cutting the monster open. There's a wave of noxious pink goop and then a little girl Jamie has plucked out of the thing's stomach.

Vecchio calls it in and gets the girl a towel. His cop buddy is now freaking out, because a guy with a silver-coated blade (Vecchio: what kind of badass owns a dagger that can give him third-degree bones) is really enjoying himself. Then a black-clad Fraser drops in - he's been chasing another one of the monsters, but it got away.

Vecchio is not amused overmuch. Jamey says most people can't even spot the things and Vecchio figured they were an urban myth (which in a universe with true-crime fairy tales is not much of a barrier). Jamey turns to Vecchio when asked how many of these things he's killed, he gets to "this is the second one--- argh!" as the thing grabs him with a tentacle and tries to suck him through a dimensional portal. He's out cold after hitting his head on the tarmac and Fraser just manages to scoop up the knife and chop off the offending tentacle. Thusly, the monster disappears with a little ploink sound.

Fraser points out that Jamey probably dislocated his hip (did you hear that cracking noise) but cautions against trying to relocate it as Jamey does not take nicely to being woken up. Some cops arrive and one of them tries kicking "bite boy". This is a very bad idea, as Jamey wakes up and reflexively tries to catch the guy only for his leg to crumple under him.

Jamey gives his leg a twist and says that otherwise it would have been the cop with a limp. Vecchio's friend points out that dislocated hips hurt like the blazes. Jamey explains his "bloody-mindedness" - which Fraser translates to stubborness - and having a stupid pain tolerance. Some actual cop-ing happens and Jamey and the lady cop get told to stick around.

They get introduced, Jamey appologises for bad manners. Lady asks if he's that Calhoun who gets the Sabbat to obey through force of personality...

-- Uh, that's the lot)

I need to actually do things sometime. I'm just too flat to do so at the moment, as opposed to the last couple of days when I was too sparkly to do things and just procrastinated.

I also got some really exciting ideas and a map of Chicago. And the Kreinik book of metallic thread embroidery. Woo! Uh, my blood sugar might just be all over tha place right now. It's kind of like a rollercoaster. Screw school reports. Who needs to throw balls and jump over little bars? Not me. And, no, I shall not bitch about "work" and swimming being timetabled for the same day and then dropped fast. Uh, I'm trying to build some self confidence here, I'm not terribly good at it.
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