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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hey. Still feeling off-colour with an attention span measured in…

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hugh huh (twitch)
Hey. Still feeling off-colour with an attention span measured in nano-seconds. The pain aspect isn't too bad, it's the fuzziness.

Posted nearly all my cards today. If you got one last year, you get one this year.

  • Yay! Card coming!

    My current Facebok status line says "Wubba wubba wubba and a woo-woo-woo. Wubba wubba wubba and a doodly-doo."

    I had a feeling your inner Muppet fan would like to know that.

    Edited at 2008-12-08 10:15 pm (UTC)
    • Out shopping, I saw the most beautiful art deco card, but it was addressed to "daughter" and cost £14. So not kidding.

      My inner muppet fan is very happy. Today I saw a girl with a cyrillic cookie monster messanger bag.

      Uh, if you really want to be frightened, there is a Torchwood/Muppet-like-creatures cross-over thing. Uh the slash between the "torchwood" and "muppet" is there for _that reason_ the one you are now trying very hard not to think about.

      That sounds really mean, sorry, I just needed to share the trauma.

      • £14 for a greeting card can go suck my suckables.

        • T

          Uh, it had all those s-name crystals on it that are so fashionable nowish. It was very pretty and art deco with a flapper on it.

          (in an ideal world you would be here with a huge plate of bacon and leak tagitelli - there's oceans of it)

          • wow - bacon
            • ...and some sausage left over from the bean and sausage cassarole, which was really nice but mum couldn't seperate the sausages when she fished them out of the freezer.

              The pasta is really good. Leak is water, Leek is vegitable, right?

              • Yes.
                • Almost missed that one.

                  You're good for me, you know that? eh?

                  [scans_daily had a wally wood strip about 3D and it was fab]

                  • I've seen that one - have you ever see the one he did on "Sound Effects"?

                    • I don't know. *wrinkles like a very small klingon* Uh, that's most probably a "no". I am fed up with brane.

                      [if you didn't already know, Oliver Postgate is dead. *whistles*]

                      • I didn't know Postgate died, but that's kinda sad, innit?

                        Check this out - first page of SOUND EFFECTS - http://tinyurl.com/6dewa4

                        You're gonna love the X-INFERNUS miniseries when you get around to it. There's a delightful "Hell's Boardroom" scene with Hela (from Thor), Mephisto, Satannus, Dormammu, Blackheart (from Daredevil & Ghost Rider) that get's crashed by Belasco's daughter. Art's nice and Bret Blevin-ey cartoonish too.

                        Edited at 2008-12-09 09:16 pm (UTC)
                        • I heard it on local radio. (Postgate and Firmin are local-ish. There was an exhibition I forgot about on news a while back. I am a big Clanger fan. I have a Clanger coin-purse... it seems to survive well)

                          *big scary grin* Honestly, so much fun! And that it's basically a workaround for the comic code just makes it so much funnier.
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