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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Okay, I was just trolling with my dolly eek* and looking on dmc's…

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fraser and ray: duet
Okay, I was just trolling with my dolly eek* and looking on dmc's italian site (because there are more free patterns on there, presumably dmc thinks there are more published designs in this country) and I saw something.

This, which is awesomecakes. I squeed muchly when I saw the compass and the big hat. It just hits my due South buttons hard.

Come on, there's a compass and that is the best thing ever, eleventy one.

Today was okay but deeply frustrating and my head is still feeling interesting. There's not a lot more I can say on the subject. The last four or so days have not been big with activity or achievement. There just isn't any enthusiasm in my tank.

*Other people associate "troll" with some malodorous bridge dweller, or its virtual namesake, I see it as a verb. Julian and Sandy have a lot to answer for. There are people who really should have had a better life and - to me - Kenneth Williams is one of them.

As the_dosk knows, Alan Turing is another. I had a very hypothetical Stargate Atlantis / M*A*S*H (the novel more than the series - it is a very strange book) fusion fic going the way with some raygun gothic 50s getting-close-to-cold-war-ness. I wanted to write Turing in there, building computers and cracking codes.

Yes, I might possibly be a bit weird, but at least somewhere they he could have a better, happier life, even if only in fiction.

*going to find hankerchief*

Okay, translation: I was saunterting along with my pretty face...

  • Kenneth Williams makes me very happy - I was unaware of Julian and Sandy.

    • How can you be unaware of Julian and Sandy?

      (being hypocritical, only got cd because dad kept on saying "ah, lotus blossem" / "guv'nor" so I thought it made a nifty present. Round the Horne is very strange, but I think you would really love the fake radio serials...)

      • We never got "Round The Horne" over here.

        I'm a Kenneth Williams fan from the CARRY ON films.

        (The Williams "Ooooh-errr" and "FRYING TONIGHT!!" being something of extended in-jokes in High School).
        • You poor lamb. I have to do something about that once I figure where the disks are.

          (he also voiced everyone in the original Will'O the Whisp shorts, which might be the reason the eponymous lead has a rather dramatic nose)

          Dosk loves Carry On films. My relationship with them is much more awkward, but that's true with quite a few things.

          My favourite is "don't lose your head" with KW as Citizen Camerbert (spelling is not my friend tonight), but "the British public" (whatever that means) declared "infamy, infamy, they've all got infamy" the best one liner ever.
          • I think that line was in Carry on Cleo, actually.
            • I knew Kenneth was a Roman, but he fell to my bad punctutation. I lost a full stop in there. But - indeed - have a house point, Steve!
  • That slang is polari, of course. The great thing is that nobody at the BBC could raise an eyebrow because this would raise questions about their own sexuality at a time when such activity was illegal.
    • That's very interesting. I didn't know the massive case of doublespeak that enabled them to make such Bona radio sketches.
      I am amused, baffled with a bit of undirected anger.

      p.s. love the icon!
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