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Okay, I was just trolling with my dolly eek* and looking on dmc's italian site (because there are more free patterns on there, presumably dmc thinks there are more published designs in this country) and I saw something.

This, which is awesomecakes. I squeed muchly when I saw the compass and the big hat. It just hits my due South buttons hard.

Come on, there's a compass and that is the best thing ever, eleventy one.

Today was okay but deeply frustrating and my head is still feeling interesting. There's not a lot more I can say on the subject. The last four or so days have not been big with activity or achievement. There just isn't any enthusiasm in my tank.

*Other people associate "troll" with some malodorous bridge dweller, or its virtual namesake, I see it as a verb. Julian and Sandy have a lot to answer for. There are people who really should have had a better life and - to me - Kenneth Williams is one of them.

As the_dosk knows, Alan Turing is another. I had a very hypothetical Stargate Atlantis / M*A*S*H (the novel more than the series - it is a very strange book) fusion fic going the way with some raygun gothic 50s getting-close-to-cold-war-ness. I wanted to write Turing in there, building computers and cracking codes.

Yes, I might possibly be a bit weird, but at least somewhere they he could have a better, happier life, even if only in fiction.

*going to find hankerchief*

Okay, translation: I was saunterting along with my pretty face...
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