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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I know my posts aren't particularly interesting at the moment.…

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vecchio: hurty
I know my posts aren't particularly interesting at the moment.

Today, the plan was to go to a public lecture on [some really interesting local history in context], which was really interesting. So about 4pm, my head exploded and I hid in bed until past 7pm.

Uh, rats.

Everybody due South needs to read belmanior's great new ficlet The Widening Gyre for one of the best Frasers ever. I am not kiding. I just don't want to spoil things.

ETA: code corrected

I have seen the_dosk's virtual reality team project and it is gorgeous and amazing. Also, the random student was more than right "we're so screwed" because I don't think it is physically possible to surpass "Seek, Locate, Exterminate" without renderer coming out your ears and seeing nothing but polygons.

(That is one of the weirer bits of dialogue in classic Who and I love it)
  • am SO BEHIND on fic, woe.

    p.s. card! i gotta card! and it is very pretty. thank you!
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