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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Today, I made an X-mas cake. Well, am still cooking one, as it looks…

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who: punky rose
Today, I made an X-mas cake. Well, am still cooking one, as it looks shiny and squishy still. This is a serious up on the doing things front. Today's question to bbd, "Do you want this cake now, or should I get it drunk first?" and today's helpful answer was "Yes."

The saga continueth, but not for much longer on the mermaid x-stitch kit front. More than a month and no kit = refund. Not sure how much I still want this kit as the stress and uncertaincy has made my doubts resurface. I'm not sure it is exactly what I need.

The infamous Hugh-flu has claimed another victim as I keep getting "reframed" in my head and "failed to fail me" has now turned up to keep it company. If you didn not understand that sentence, stay back or I shall infect you too!

*uh, Hugh Dillon, Canadian actor and former rock singer with issues, very communicable expecially if you have already caught a case of Callum Rennie, which often leads to Hard Core Logo, where he co-starred with Dillon and was totally boyfriends. Being a Canadian movie, substance abuse, self-harm and violence accompanied the gay.

If you are still confused, you are probaby not a fangirl and hence somewhat immune but still should take precautions. Start with staying away for meresy and her Hugh/Callum pic-spam.

  • *doesn't understand*

    I am SO missing something with the Hugh.

    I've only ever seen clips of him in HCL, though (have not seen the whole thing, alas! $$ is tight, can't get it, and Husband would rather spend money on John Simm. I only got the dS box set because it became cheaper than dirt...anyways...). I should explore further out, maybe?
  • *butts in*

    HCL is an excellent introduction to Hugh (and an overall amazing film--I really can't recommend it highly enough), but if that's not in the cards right now, you might try this or this. Or any of these things. You kind of have to see him in action, I think. *g*
    • You are a beautiful slashy angel, you know that?

      • *beams* That's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me!
        • People cleary need to say nice things to you more often. You rock (and ruin). Sorry, bad case of hughflu
          • Oh, no, I get more than my share of nice things said about me! My dirty share, you might say. *g*
    • Wow thanks! He sounds like a very interesting person to know. LOL!

      But really, I have to ask, what the HELL is the Cat Food Dance from????? *is boggled*
      • He sounds like a very interesting person to know.

        Hee! Um, yes, I suspect he is.

        The Cat Food Dance is from Twitch City! A cracked-out, hilarious fourteen-episode (I think?) TV series penned by Don McKellar, starring him and the fabulous Molly Parker and also CKR in one of his most insanely adorkable, spazztastic roles (at least that I know of). And directed by Bruce McDonald, who also directed HCL. And guest-starring many awesome Canadians, including one of the dogs from dS. It's good for the Canadian Actor Bingo card! :) It is, as I said, filled almost entirely with crack, but it is the AWESOME crack. Extremely good times.
      • Wow thanks! He sounds like a very interesting person to know. LOL!

        He is. When the HDRC (his newer band) had a board he would turn up to the "the great fucking book club" post and could start talking about all sorts of things. Interviews, now, he's a good value guest because he will talk and talk and talk...
  • You poor bunny!

    I'm sure I could stand you some "materials" if you want to try. HCL isn't one of those things that work in clipitty bits - mostly because it is hard to extract from context. I haven't watched as much Hugh as I should, but I could probably post you some (mail post, not lj post), but I am sure somebody could hook you up if you're looking for instant gratification hughifation.

    Give me a snailmail and I'd send you some of the music etc. General caveat, my record on posting things is not terribly good. /o\ (uh, that's the opposite of \o/ which is known as Paul Gross or Hugh Dillon arms. It is something of a dS/Canadafen signal of utter awesome and fangirl excellence. Paul Gross did it in " 42 Down on the Robert McKenzie" video (uh, the song from MotB, which Paul wrote. He would like to have been taken seriously as a singer) and Hugh did it repeatedly especially in the "Cemetary" video, which was earlier.

    (When (mainstream) pundits turn up to interview Hugh, they seem to be repeatedly baffled that a guy who wrote a song about necrofilia can actually be nice, polite and sweet. Of course, it means they haven't actually listened to cemetary, which is a very silly song indeed, but still nsfw. You tube link)

    Where did my Hugh arms icon go?

    Edited at 2008-12-11 07:02 pm (UTC)
  • Oh, and Jack Lancer in Episodic? He's rather Hugh-ish.

    Pretty much against-type for due South's production dates (understatement, and considering I was nerd enough to "cast" some of the characters with feasable actors...) when Hugh was still a singer who acted and had some issues. I remember much spirited discussion that if Hugh had ended up in dS (which was a possibilty, just) he would probably be Volpe. That might all be fangirl tinhatting talking, but - yeah - Hugh's first creditted actor-job was as "spitting white trash thug".

    It's much closer to the new improved Hugh who spends his time playing - guess what? - cops. And they have that "wanted to see 40" vibe going for them, that make serious changes and get out of that old life or die thing.

    I hope that didn't shatter any illusions. *eeps*
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