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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Today, I made an X-mas cake. Well, am still cooking one, as it looks…

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who: punky rose
Today, I made an X-mas cake. Well, am still cooking one, as it looks shiny and squishy still. This is a serious up on the doing things front. Today's question to bbd, "Do you want this cake now, or should I get it drunk first?" and today's helpful answer was "Yes."

The saga continueth, but not for much longer on the mermaid x-stitch kit front. More than a month and no kit = refund. Not sure how much I still want this kit as the stress and uncertaincy has made my doubts resurface. I'm not sure it is exactly what I need.

The infamous Hugh-flu has claimed another victim as I keep getting "reframed" in my head and "failed to fail me" has now turned up to keep it company. If you didn not understand that sentence, stay back or I shall infect you too!

*uh, Hugh Dillon, Canadian actor and former rock singer with issues, very communicable expecially if you have already caught a case of Callum Rennie, which often leads to Hard Core Logo, where he co-starred with Dillon and was totally boyfriends. Being a Canadian movie, substance abuse, self-harm and violence accompanied the gay.

If you are still confused, you are probaby not a fangirl and hence somewhat immune but still should take precautions. Start with staying away for meresy and her Hugh/Callum pic-spam.
  • Oh, and Jack Lancer in Episodic? He's rather Hugh-ish.

    Pretty much against-type for due South's production dates (understatement, and considering I was nerd enough to "cast" some of the characters with feasable actors...) when Hugh was still a singer who acted and had some issues. I remember much spirited discussion that if Hugh had ended up in dS (which was a possibilty, just) he would probably be Volpe. That might all be fangirl tinhatting talking, but - yeah - Hugh's first creditted actor-job was as "spitting white trash thug".

    It's much closer to the new improved Hugh who spends his time playing - guess what? - cops. And they have that "wanted to see 40" vibe going for them, that make serious changes and get out of that old life or die thing.

    I hope that didn't shatter any illusions. *eeps*
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