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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

the_dosk is back from Doskland Uni! *glee!* And, today I made…

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who: punky rose
the_dosk is back from Doskland Uni! *glee!*

And, today I made a "welcome home, Dosk!" cake. It looks like a victoria sponge and is probably the best I've done yet. Had to shave the bottom half a bit so I had something flat to sit the top on. And there was buttercream and I might have eaten slightly too much of it.

And I get my little brother back! Which means I can start talking to him about fanfiction and listen to him on how to make daleks accurate to 1/16 of an inch. This is all very good.

Computing for the Inept tomorrow. I am not sure if the post office down in Pencester will be open, so I have cards to send and EQ is going to get an extra [historical] colouring book so she doesn't need to fight her nephew for it.

Oh, and now cross_stitch and the people that sail in her have introduced me to Book of Ink Circles (abbreviated BoINK *eyeroll* Of course, we all know that BoINK is the unbreakable plastic they encapsulated Psi-Juge Andersen in after she was possessed by Judge Death. Hi, I might like 2000AD a little) and Ink Circles has all sort of interesting sampler-flavoured things there including what look like... I seem to have lost some bits of my sampler knowledge, "spot" samplers with fabric decoration patterns as opposed to later C18 onwards band and pictorial samplers. They have some. They are really pretty. Mummyfrog says I do not need any more kits etc as I have a significant stash of cross-stitch bits.

So, the universe is still made of squee, which kept me awake last night as I was going to be so awesome and bake-making.
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