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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Went Xmas shopping with the_dosk in Canterbury, trying to find…

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prisoner guh
Went Xmas shopping with the_dosk in Canterbury, trying to find something coolish for mummyfrog and bbd. I had already done mine, but it was reasonable (if frustrating) fun. That was after "this morning, I can do anything" high with the brane coming to join the fun on the way home.

So, brane again. It seems like all I ever blog about. That and cross-stitch*. This one is bad enough to put me on the planet Zog. And my feet are unhappy. Both my big toes have gone purple under the nails. Interestingly, both on the inner edge and I can't remember dropping anything on my feet lately.

Other than that, I might have purchased a couple of stitchy kits in an online closing-down sale. I'm looking forward to the shiny.

To generally keep the brane at bay, I've started stitching again, and gosh, I seem to be hurtling (what a word! hurt - eling) and doing some filling at reasonable speed. I'm eating up the blank space - but I still have quite a bit to do. /stitching waffle**

*which is a pain because I was feeling all fictive and in control this morning.
**except the bit where the magazines said DMC was having promotional 12 metres for the price of 8 metres stuff. None to be seen. Also, C&H still grows tat-ier every time I visit. Cheap fancy dress costumes? Dosk says the Star Wars ones where made by somebody who had never seen SW. (This is the boy who picked up a Haynes Spitfire Manual and put it back down with "no plans" (Spitfire as the plane not the beer - slogan "No Fokker comes near" another wonderful example of good taste) The dosk likes his plans and blueprints, what else do you expect from a guy who makes his own cgi daleks?) It's just plain stupid, but then so is cramming your entire sew/knit/everything department, formerly over at least two floors, into the basement with no natural light so you can favour resin elephant "sculptures" and frightfully over-priced decorative items. I note they have dropped the "fabrics" at the end of their name. I wonder why. *eye rolling* My being miffed isn't a short term thing, it's every time I go to Canterbury. Grrr. I think I need happy thoughts at this point.
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